Faculty of Design: Literature and Specialist Information

This page provides you with support in searching for literature in our University Library, detailed information on interlibrary lending, and a list of useful online databases for searching for suitable articles for your degree programme.

  • Books
    Design-relevant literature can be found at the following system locations on the shelf:
        AM              Font
        AN               Bibliology
        AP               Communication design and photography
        LH-LO          Art history
        ZN 6000 ff.   Communications engineering
        SQ-SU         Computer science
  • Professional journals
    The current volumes of art and design journals can be found in the department in room G207a, all others, however, in the Central Library in the flap cabinets, systematically arranged by subject. The signatures of the journals are given on the flaps [Z + consecutive number]. Bound volumes can be found in the basement of the Central Library, sorted by "Z number". Volumes from earlier than 1961 are found in the bookstack and can be ordered using the OPAC.
  • Opening Hours

Search for and order literature

... for this you can use our OPAC [default setting: Central Library] 

  • Search in the stock of the University Library, the Bavarian Library Network, other national and international catalogues, and various literature databases [see "Database Selection"]
  • Terms of borrowing

... please note the access regulations (in German) for our licensed offers!

You can find a complete overview of the University Library's digital selection, including detailed descriptions, under Electronic services (in German).

Do you have more questions?

Our hotline is available at: 0911/5880-4242

or by email at bib-hotline(at)th-nuernberg(dot)de