Anyone wishing to succeed as a chemist or chemical engineer must possess adequate expert knowledge. That is why, at the beginning of the application-oriented Applied Chemistry master’s degree programme, we ask you to select a specialization: biochemistry, chemistry, or technical chemistry.

By choosing a specialization, you will be able to deepen your specialist knowledge in the scientific or engineering field of your choice in a targeted manner. Alongside expert knowledge, methodical competences and the ability to work independently and scientifically are vital. You will primarily be taught these key elements by means of project papers. The master’s degree programme will therefore fully prepare you to perform tasks in the fields of product-related research and development or production. Graduating with a Master of Science degree will also open up the possibility of completing a doctorate. The admission requirement for the master’s degree programme is the completion of a bachelor’s degree programme in Applied Chemistry or training in a related field (e.g. chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry etc.).

  • SDS-Polyacrylamid-Gelelektrophorese – Student bei der Arbeit
Master of Science
Program duration
3 Semester
Admission restrictions
Special features

The master’s degree programme is unique in that it offers students three specializations, namely biochemistry, chemistry, and technical chemistry. It is the only degree programme in the field of applied chemistry that offers students the opportunity to perform scientific work within a subject area that is of interest for their master’s thesis as part of master’s projects during the theoretical semesters.

Interesting numbers and statistics

Number of first-year students per semester: approx. 15-25; approx. 80% of master’s students who enrol complete the course within the standard period of study of 3 semesters.  

Admission semester
Winter semester or Summer semester
Application period
For the winter semester: 02.05.2024 to 30.06.2024
For the summer semester: 15.11.2024 to 15.01.2025
Dual system options
Dual Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry

More information

Detailed information about the curriculum of this programme is available in German. Switch the language toggle in the upper right corner.

More information

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Information on admission

In order to be able to study in the master’s degree programme in Applied Chemistry at Nuremberg Tech, you must meet the following requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry (or comparable) with at least 210 credits (LP or ECTS) (7 semesters incl. practical semester)

  • with a grade point average of 2.3 or higher or with a degree among the best 35% of the graduates, immediate admission is granted
  • with a grade point average between 2.4 and 3.0 or a degree among the best 70% of graduates, admission is granted after successful participation in an admission interview.
  • For a bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry (or comparable) with at least 180 credits (LP or ECTS) (6 semesters), the same admission requirements apply as after a bachelor’s degree with at least 210 credits. However, the missing 30 credits must be made up within one year. The examination board will determine which credits may still have to be completed.
Required language certificates:

The language of instruction in this degree programme is German. Applicants with a different native language who do not hold a German bachelor’s degree and have not completed a German-language education at a higher education institution must provide one of the following certificates:

  • German Language Examination for University Admission for foreign applicants (DSH level 2)

  • Test of German as a Foreign Language with above-average results (TestDaF; level 4 or higher in all 4 parts of the examination)

  • Telc German C1 University

Overview of all recognized language certificates (pdf in German)

Formal requirements


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