Graduation loan from the Studentenwerke

A graduation loan can also be granted for doctoral, postgraduate, complementary, additional studies and/or a second degree. Loans can also be granted as a one-off amount for tuition fees or international fees.

Graduation loans are only granted if a successful degree can be expected within the four semesters after the maximum funding duration according to BAföG. Exceptions in cases of hardship are possible, but must be particularly well justified.

Loans must be applied for personally at the Studentenwerk using a form available there. After each semester, the student must inform the Studentenwerk informally as to whether the loan is still needed and submit a current certificate of enrolment. To secure the loan, a directly enforceable guarantee (or other security in accordance with the loan guidelines) must be provided for the entire loan amount. The guarantor must be an EU citizen.

The total amount of the loan may not exceed €12,500. The first loan instalment must be repaid six months after passing the university examination. The repayment period must be adhered to, as there are no exceptions for cases of social hardship. 

The local Studentenwerke decide on loan applications:

Darlehenskasse der Bayerischen Studentenwerke e.V., Leopoldstraße  15, 80802 München,