Ohm // Bahnhofstraße 87 and 90 // 90402 Nürnberg

Location B: Bahnhofstrasse 87 and 90, 90402 Nürnberg

Site plan


multi-storey car park (GPS coordinates: 49.448427N, 11.095730E). Visitors are kindly requested to apply for an access permit in good time.

Public transport

  • Tram: Line 5 (stop: Dürrenhof)   
  • Bus: Line 36 (stop: Dürrenhof)
  • S-Bahn (city train): S1/S2 (stop: Dürrenhof)

Timetables are available at: www.vgn.de

Our multi-storey car park – Bahnhofstrasse 80

Authorised users

Authorised users are all professors, adjunct faculty, other staff members, and students of the Faculties of Architecture; Business Administration; Electrical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Information Technology; and Social Sciences.
Access to the multi-storey car park is granted using number plate recognition, which is initially updated once per week.
To use the multi-storey car park, you can register your vehicle on the following website:
Professors, adjunct faculty, and other staff members may enter up to three registration numbers. Students may enter one registration number.
Entries made in the system during the day are updated overnight.

Unauthorised persons are not admitted to the barrier area.
The right of use ends upon removal from the student register.

The general opening hours are as follows:

ProfessorsStaffAdjunct facultyStudents
Monday to Friday6.00 am - 10.00 pm6.00 am - 10.00 pm6.00 am - 10.00 pm6.00 am - 10.00 pm
Saturday6.00 am - 10.00 pm6.00 am - 10.00 pm6.00 am - 10.00 pm6.00 am - 10.00 pm
Sunday6.00 am - 10.00 pm         ---        ---         ---
Public holidays6.00 am - 10.00 pm         ---        ---         ---

Use of the multi-storey car park is not permitted outside of these hours!

Privacy Policy

In order to verify authorisation, vehicle number plates and the associated registered name are recorded upon entry to and exit from the car park and stored for 30 days before being deleted.
The data used to authorise access for university employees and students are stored for the duration of their registration with the university.
Once registration with the university ends, these data are deleted within three months.

Version: 22 November 2013

Bahnhofstrasse multi-storey car park 80

Conditions of use/Regulations for the multi-storey car park at Bahnhofstrasse 80

Use of the multi-storey car park is subject to the stipulations of the German Road Traffic Ordinance (StVO) in the applicable version. In addition to and subject to the stipulations of StVO, the following Multi-storey Car Park Regulations shall apply:

Section 1
Use and operation of the multi-storey car park
The multi-storey car park is not open to the public and is only available for use by authorised members of Nuremberg Institute of Technology to the extent provided for.
The scope of use provided for is restricted to passenger vehicles.
Parts of the multi-storey car park are under video surveillance. The data is stored for three weeks for the purpose of securing evidence.
Opening hours:
These are based on the authorisations of the relevant user groups.

ProfessorsOther staffTeaching staffStudents
Monday to Friday6.00–22.006.00–22.006.00–22.006.00–22.00
Sunday6.00–22.00 --- --- ---
Public holiday6.00–22.00 --- --- ---

User conduct within the multi-storey car park and on the entry and exit routes, including entrances and exits for pedestrians and other facilities, etc., shall be governed by these Multi-storey Car Park Regulations in addition to the stipulations of the German Road Traffic Ordinance and other statutory or official regulations. The instructions of the University’s technical staff must be followed.
Users are required to exercise the due care and attention required in motor traffic when entering and exiting, even if staff are assisting them with instructions. The official traffic and information signs placed inside the multi-storey car park must be observed.
Vehicles must only be driven at slow speed within and on the approach to and exit from the multi-storey car park.
Users are required to comply with the instructions and prohibitions of relevant stipulations. The following in particular are prohibited both within the multi-storey car park and in the other traffic zones around the multi-storey car park:

  • Smoking and the use of naked flames
  • Storing or leaving behind fuels, empty fuel containers and flammable objects, or used cleaning equipment (cleaning rags, etc.)
  • Leaving engines idling unnecessarily, use of horns, and causing other noise nuisance
  • Undertaking repair and maintenance work on motor vehicles
  • Depositing and storing objects and waste, particularly fuels and flammable objects, and emptying fuel containers
  • Parking a motor vehicle with a leaking tank, damaged oil and water reservoirs, air conditioning units, or carburettors, or any other motor vehicle damage that may pose a risk to the operation of the car park
  • Parking motor vehicles banned by the police.
  • Parking motor vehicles for more than 24 hours.
  • Parking motorbikes, bicycles or any other vehicles apart from passenger vehicles or vans.

Users must park their motor vehicle in a marked bay in a manner that ensures unimpeded entry and exit to and from neighbouring bays at all times and without hindrance. Parking motor vehicles outside of a marked bay is prohibited. In the event of non-compliance, the operator of the multi-storey car park shall be entitled to move an improperly parked motor vehicle into the required position or to another parking bay within the multi-storey car park at the user’s expense and risk.
A parked motor vehicle must be carefully locked and secured with due care and attention.
Remaining in the multi-storey car park or in the vicinity of the entrances, exits and ramps, other than for the purposes of parking or collecting a vehicle, is not permitted.
The university is responsible for cleaning of the multi-storey car park. However, users are required to clean any soiling they have caused without delay. In the event of failure to do so, the university shall arrange cleaning at the expense of the party responsible.
The University shall be entitled to remove a parked vehicle from the multi-storey car park at the user’s expense and risk in the event of an immediate hazard and in the cases described in these Multi-storey Car Park Regulations. This also applies if the motor vehicle is not permitted on the road under traffic law or if is taken off the road by the police while parked.

Section 2
Conditions of parking in the multi-storey car park
Access to and exit from the multi-storey car park is by means of number plate recognition. Authorised persons may register up to three registration numbers depending on their affiliation with the University.
Surveillance, safekeeping or monitoring of a motor vehicle and the provision of insurance cover shall not form part of the allocation of a parking space in the multi-storey car park. Use of the multi-storey car park is at the user’s own risk. Parking of trailers is not permitted.
Only vehicles up to 2 metres in height (including body sections) may be parked.
Motor vehicles may only be parked during the published authorised parking hours that apply to the user in question. Users are not permitted to park a vehicle overnight.
In the event of non-compliance with authorised parking hours, the University shall be entitled to remove the motor vehicle at the user’s expense.
The University’s liability
The University shall be liable for any damage caused by it, its employees or contractors subject to the provisions in these Regulations. It shall not be liable for damage caused by a user’s own conduct or that of third parties. A user is obliged to report obvious damage to his/her vehicle to a member of the University’s personnel without delay prior to leaving the multi-storey car park. Should the user file claims for compensation against the University, he/she shall be required to provide evidence that the University culpably acted in breach of its duties.
The user’s liability
The user shall be liable for all damage that it culpably causes to the University or third parties. To this extent, he/she shall also be liable for culpably soiling the car parking facility as a result of conduct outside of the scope of public use of the parking facility. This also includes the depositing of refuse within the parking facility.

Version date: 30 December 2013

Data entry guide

Below is a guided example of how to enter data: Registration number N-TH 2013