Become a student guide

The Ohm visits many student orientation fairs and schools throughout the year. At these events, the Student Counseling Service counsels prospective students, offers presentations about studying together with student guides, and presents all of the Ohm’s bachelor’s degree programmes.

And to do that, we need your help!

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Being a student guide: Who - What - How?

  • You provide support for prospective students in gaining information about studying at university by sharing your personal story : What was my path to becoming a student, choosing my programme, and coming to the Ohm?
  • You talk about your degree programme and answer prospective students’ questions about your programme and generally about studying at the Ohm.
  • You will add to the counseling services provided by the Student Counseling Service by accompanying us to student trade fairs and school visits - in person and online.
  • When necessary: You can also be a part of Studi Talks: Ask those who know! - a programme that facilitates direct exchange between current and prospective students via email, telephone, or video call.
  • You are enrolled in at least your 3rd semester at the Ohm in a bachelor’s programme (lower semesters are eligible in exceptional cases) or you have completed your bachelor’s degree at the Ohm and are now in a master’s programme at the Ohm.
  • You identify as an Ohm student and with your degree programme.
  • You are knowledgeable about your degree programme and enjoy passing that knowledge on to prospective students.
  • You are generally familiar with studying and the environment at the Ohm or are willing to learn more about it.
  • You enjoy talking with people in ‘real life’, but are also not uneasy with digital contact.
  • You are comfortable approaching people and are communicative.
  • You are reliable and can work independently.
  • Student guide is a voluntary position. Student guides are not employed by the Ohm in that function.
  • A new agreement between you and the Student Counseling Service must be made each semester.
  • You will receive an expense allowance (per diem) for each assignment. The primary motivation for you as a student guide, though, should be your enjoyment of open exchange with prospective students.
  • At the end of your activities as a student guide, you will receive a confirmation (certificate) of your voluntary engagement.
  • The Student Counseling Service does not guarantee every student guide will receive an assignment. In return, you are only expected to act as a student guide when it suits your schedule and workload. You should, however, be willing to take assignments a few times each semester.
  • Each semester, at least one information event about being a student guide that you should attend, if you want to take up this task; it will keep you up to date on this volunteer opportunity.

If you fulfil the requirements and you are interested:

  • Please send us an email that briefly describes your personal and academic background and your motivation to becoming an Ohm student guide.
  • We will contact you and, if appropriate, invite you to an informal meeting to get to know one another. We will also share more information about being a student guide and the conditions. Of course, your questions are welcome!
  • If both parties are in agreement, we will be pleased to have your support!