Armin Beier

Tuesday, 11:30-13:00 (by prior arrangement)

Armin Beier

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

  • Delegate in Departmental Conference of Process Engineering
  • Member of Examination Board Master Programm VT/CI
  • Head of Laboratory for Thermal Process Engineering
  • Person in charge for Chemicals Storage in the Faculty of Process Engineering
  • Contact Person IT
Teaching areas
  • Fluid Phase Equilbria
  • Thermal Process Engineering
  • Heat Integration
  • Projects

Process engineering (bachelor programme)

  • Thermodynamics of fluid mixtures
  • Thermal process engineering I
  • Laboratory thermal process engineering I
  • Thermal process engineering II
  • Laboratory thermal process engineering II

Chemical Engineering/Process engineering (master programme)

  • Special thermal process engineering
  • Heat integration
  • Projects