The university provides Microsoft Teams as a communication platform. 

Detailed information, a collection of FAQs, and data protection notices can be found on the Central IT intranet pages.

To access the intranet, you must be on the university network or set up a VPN connection if you are off campus.

Steps required for registration

1st step: Logging in to Studisoft

In Studisoft, enter the my.ohm login details that you also use for VirtuOhm, for example.

You “order” MS Teams from the Studisoft portal. You will then receive an email with the order confirmation.

2nd step: Account activation by Microsoft

After some time you will receive a second email with your login details for Office 365.

Please note: The current time from logging in to Studisoft to the account being provided by Microsoft is 24 hours on average.

You then use these details to log in to MS Teams in the future.

  • Your account:
  • Password: 31-12345678

3rd step: Download

Return to the Studisoft portal.

To log in, enter your my.ohm login details again.

Under Order Tracking, select

  • Microsoft Teams

Click on

  • Link to external download/portal

This opens the Microsoft Teams portal page. To log in, use the Office 365 login details mentioned above.

Use of MS Teams

Central IT has created an introduction to using Microsoft Teams.

Please note that the use of Microsoft Teams at the university is only approved for the following functions:

  • Calls (phone)
  • Chats
  • Conferences

Data protection

When using MS Teams, please take note of the relevant data protection information.

  • Data protection information on the processing of personal data (Bavaria)