With their work, architects shape and influence the environment in the long term with awareness of their social responsibility, and provide impulses for an aesthetic living environment by means of construction.

On the basis of urban planning, design, technical and economic factors, they develop space-forming ideas and prepare and control the planning and implementation of building processes; their draft work covers everything from large-scale scenarios to the smallest detail. They develop concepts in interdisciplinary teams for the diverse requirements of our future.

The bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture introduces students to the complex world of thinking and working in a profession that is both steeped in history and forward-looking. The bachelor’s degree provides students with a basic qualification for entry into the professional field of architecture or for an advanced master’s degree. The course of study is challenging, characterized by a high time commitment and a passionate approach to work. In return, it combines creative and artistic, theoretical, planning, and technical or constructive aspects, which provide a lot of room for development and growth.

Bachelor of Arts
Program duration
6 Semester
Admission restrictions
Information about the preliminary exams (in German)
Special regulations for applicants for the winter semester 2020/21
Subject distribution
Special features
  • Students work on their projects across the semesters in the Faculty's own studios. Model workshops and a digital CAD/CAM workshop, which is connected to a computer laboratory with the latest hardware and software, enable the direct implementation of the teaching content in prototypes, models and multimedia simulations.

  • The on-site workstations, which are offered to all students of the Faculty, promote collaborative contact and create an open learning and working atmosphere that allows students not only to develop projects with each other, but also to learn from each other. The teaching staff supervise students at their workstations and are directly approachable. The transfer of knowledge takes place both directly from teacher to student and between the students themselves.

  • Studying here means actively contributing knowledge in interdisciplinary projects and exchanging views and collaborating with students from all semesters, as well as from other Faculties and colleges/universities.

Interesting numbers and statistics

The proportion of female students in the first study semester has been just over 50% for a number of years. 

Admission semester
Winter semester
Beginning in the summer semester is only possible for transfer students starting at a higher semester (application period: 15 Nov - 15 Jan)
Application period
For the winter semester: 01.06.2024 to 15.06.2024
Prospective degree programs
Architecture (M.A.)

More information

Detailed information about the curriculum of this programme is available in German. Switch the language toggle in the upper right corner.

More information

For more information on jobs and career prospects for graduates of this programme, visit our German pages by switching the language toggle in the upper right corner.

For the bachelor’s programme, there are formal requirements that you must meet in full in order to be able to start the degree programme. There are also a number of personal requirements that you should meet.

Formal requirements

Overview of all recognized language proficiency documentation (pdf)

  • General admission requirements (e.g. Abitur, vocational qualification or adequate foreign educational certificate)

  • Passing the preliminary exam

    The preliminary exams consist of the following two components:
    1. digital portfolio with examples of your work
    2. personal interview

    Further information on the preliminary exams is available on our website

    For transfer students:
    A preliminary test is also necessary for admission to a higher semester.
    Upon informal application, a preliminary test passed at another university can be recognised by the examination board for Architecture. The application must include the place/university, date and examination result, together with a certificate from the issuing university. You can upload the application with your online application (see under Preliminary exams).
  • Required language certificates:

    Instruction in this degree programme is conducted in German. Applicants who are native speakers of a language other than German, who do not have bachelor’s degree from a German educational institution, and who have not completed German-language vocational or professional training at secondary school must provide one of the following certificates as documentation of their German proficiency:

    • German language examination for the university admission of foreign applicants (DSH-Stufe 2)

    • TestDaF (“Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache” with an above-average score (minimally level 4 in all four examination components)
    • Telc German C1 University (“Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule”)

Personal characteristics and skills

  • Pronounced spatial imagination
  • Aesthetic-artistic sensitivity
  • Enjoyment of presentation and design, as well as above-average skills in free drawing and a solid basic knowledge of descriptive geometry
  • Manual dexterity, pleasure in making things
  • Broad interest and general education in the areas of culture, environment, and society
  • Interest in diverse media work
  • Generally good knowledge of mathematics
  • Good basic knowledge of physics and chemistry
  • Command of written and spoken German
  • Sound knowledge of English

See also Profile of requirements for the degree programme (in German)

Common stumbling blocks

The degree programme is very intensive. Studying architecture requires full commitment in terms of time and content and cannot be done “on the side”.
Students should already have good self-discipline and organization to help them cope with the daily study routine.

As part of the decision making process, we offer a range of services to help you find out whether a degree programme in Architecture is right for you.

Trial lectures

In the 1st or 2nd semester timetable, lectures can be attended on a trial basis, e.g. Introduction to Design, Building History, Building Construction or Building Technology. The dates of the lectures can be obtained from the Faculty Advisor (see below) or from the secretary’s office.

Student Counseling Service

Are you looking for individual advice and support for your orientation and choice of degree programme? Then you are welcome to contact our team at the Student Counseling Service.
Student Counseling Service

Would you prefer to receive advice directly from students? Our student guides will be happy to answer your questions.

Studi-Talks: Ask those in the know! (in German)

Faculty advisor

If you would like more detailed information about the content of individual subjects within the Architecture degree programme, the Faculty Advisor will be happy to assist.

Events, e.g. educational fairs

  • Regular exhibitions at the end of the semesters of the best work in a semester, Information about the web pages of the Faculty of Architecture.