Patrick Harms

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Patrick Harms

Prof. Dr.


Reviewer for conferences and workshops

  • ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) 2020
  • Nordic forum for Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI) 2020
  • ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2018, 2019
  • IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS) 2015, 2016
  • International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation (ICST) 2014
  • Workshop on System Analysis and Modelling (formerly SDL and MSC Workshop) (SAM) 2013, 2014

Programme Committee

  • Clausthal-Göttingen International Workshop on Simulation Science 2019

Reviewer for journals

  • International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) 2016, 2019
  • Journal of Systems and Software 2013
Curriculum vitae
since 10/2020 Professorship in "Usability" at Nuremberg Tech
04/2020 – 09/2020 Management of the Professorship „Analysis of Scientifc Information Resources“ at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Goettingen
since 06/2019 CEO of the SimPaFee UG (haftungsbeschränkt) in Goettingen
07/2012 – 09/2020 Research associate in the research group Software Engineering for Distributed Systems at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Goettingen
09/2009 – 07/2012 Research associate in the R&D department of the Goettingen State and University Library
04/2010 – 07/2010 Researcher at the D-Grid gGmbH in Dortmund
10/2004 – 08/2009 Project leader and product manager in the department for earth observation at the Werum Software & Systems AG in Lueneburg
  • Best Presentation Award at the UCAAT 2016
  • Member of the Industry Specification Group (ISG) for the development of a standardized Augmented Reality Framework (ARF) at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
Teaching areas


  • Usability Engineering
  • User Experience Design


If required:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Testing
  • Object-oriented Programming

Usage of AR/MR/VR for evaluating the usability of virtual prototypes

  • Development of the Vivian Framework for fast and efficient creation and deployment of virtual prototyes in AR/MR/VR
  • Analysis of optimal modalities for the interaction with virtual prototypes in AR/MR/VR
  • Development of concepts for performing remote usability evaluations for virtual prototypes in AR/MR/VR inclusive usability evaluation automation (see next research area)


Automated usability evaluation

  • For websites, desktop software, AR, MR, and VR
  • On the basis of recorded user behaviour
  • Automated derivation and analysis of task models

Phd Thesis

2016. Patrick Harms. Automated Field Usability Evaluation Using Generated Task Trees. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

2019. Patrick Harms. Automated Usability Evaluation of Virtual Reality Applications. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), 26(3), ACM.

2016. Steffen Herbold, Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Combining Usage-based and Model-based Testing for Service-oriented Architectures in the Industrial Practice. International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 19(3), Springer.

2014. Patrick Harms, Steffen Herbold, Jens Grabowski. Extended Trace-based Task Tree Generation. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, Think Mind.

2011. Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Usability of Generic Software in e-Research Infrastructures. Journal of the Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, Vol 1, No 3 (2011), University of Chicago.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Publications

2019. Patrick Harms. VR Interaction Modalities for the Evaluation of Technical Device Prototypes. Proceedings of the 17th IFIP TC.13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT 2019), Springer.

2016. Patrick Harms. Representativeness and Descriptiveness of Task Trees Generated from Website Usage Traces. Proceedings of the 9th Systems Analysis and Modeling Conference (SAM 2016), Springer.

2015. Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Consistency of Task Trees Generated from Website Usage Traces. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on System Design Languages 2015, Berlin.

2015. Steffen Herbold, Alberto De Francesco, Jens Grabowski, Patrick Harms, Lom Messan Hillah, Fabrice Kordon, Ariele-Paolo Maesano, Libero Maesano, Claudia Di Napoli, Fabio de Rosa, Martin Schneider, Nicola Tonellotto, Marc-Florian Wendland, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin. The MIDAS Cloud Platform for Testing SOA Applications. The 8th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) 2015 - tools track, Graz.

2014. Patrick Harms, Steffen Herbold, Jens Grabowski. Trace-based Task Tree Generation. ACHI 2014, The Seventh International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, IARIA XPS Press.

2014. Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Usage-based Automatic Detection of Usability Smells. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Human-Centered Software Engineering, Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

2013. Steffen Herbold, Patrick Harms. AutoQUEST - Automated Quality Engineering of Event-driven Software. IEEE Sixth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops (ICSTW), Fourth International Workshop on Testing Techniques & Experimentation Benchmarks for Event-Driven Software, Luxemburg.

2010. Patrick Harms, Kathleen Smith, Andreas Aschenbrenner, Wolfgang Pempe, Mark Hedges, Angus Roberts, Bernie Ács, Tobias Blanke. The Quality in Quantity - Enhancing Text-based Research. Data Driven e-Science: Use Cases and Successful Applications of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (ISGC 2010), New York: Springer.

2007. Patrick Harms, Stephan Kiemle, Daniele Dietrich. Extensible earth observation data catalogues with multiple interfaces. Ensuring the Long-Term Preservation and Value Adding to Scientific and Technical Data (PV 2007), München.

Conference Presentations

2020. Patrick Harms. Automated Usability Evaluation of Virtual Reality Applications. Kurzvideo und Diskussion zur gleichnamigen Journal-Publikation auf der „2020 Virtual German CHI Week“, online organisiert von der German HCI.

2019. Patrick Harms. Einsatz von AR und VR zu Usabilityevaluation von virtuellen Prototypen. Vortrag in der Arbeitsgruppe „Usability und User Experience“ des Wirtschaftsverbandes bitkom, Hamburg.

2019. Patrick Harms. Passen Usability und Informatik überhaupt zusammen? Vortrag in der Arbeitsgruppe „Usability und User Experience“ des Wirtschaftsverbandes bitkom, München.

2017. Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Automating Usability Testing for Prototypes of the Things in the Internet using Augmented and Virtual Reality. User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2017.

2016. Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Experiences with Automated Field Usability Testing Using Generated Task Models, User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2016.

2015. Steffen Herbold, Patrick Harms, Jens Grabowski. Enhancing Test Models by Incorporating Monitored Usage Information. User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2015.

Book Chapters

2019. Steffen Herbold, Fabian Trautsch, Patrick Harms, Verena Herbold, Jens Grabowski. Experiences With Replicable Experiments and Replication Kits for Software Engineering Research. Advances in Computers, Volume 113, Elsevier.

Other Publications

2012. Patrick Harms. Evaluationsmethoden im Usability Engineering. Themendossier für die User Group »Usability Engineering«, Softwareforen Leipzig.


Vivian - Virtual Prototypes in Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Framework for efficient provisioning of virtual prototypes of technical devices in all types of XR for the execution of usability tests

AutoQUEST - Automated Quality Engineering of Event-Driven Software