The accredited Business Administration master’s degree programme is an economics-based post-graduate follow-on degree programme. The degree programme aims to provide continuing and advanced management training.

Our master’s degree programme offers you the opportunity to pursue the following areas of specialization: Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (SCM), Finance; Human Resources Management (HRM), Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (FACT), and Digital Business.
Graduating with an M.A. in Business Administration will equip you with the skills you need to meet the challenges of global economic development. You will earn a degree that will qualify you to perform management tasks and academic work. Application-oriented, academic specialization is achieved via the selection of one of the above-mentioned business-oriented specialist subjects. In this way, we will prepare you for employment in the fields of logistics; in the banking sector or in the finance departments of small and large companies; in personnel management, in the areas of recruitment or human resources development, for example; in controlling or in accounting/bookkeeping (including in accordance with IFRS standards) and tax law, or in the area of digitalization for business and therefore Industry 4.0.


Master of Arts
Program duration
3 Semester
Admission restrictions
Special features
  • Different specialist subjects allow students to systematically develop their own specializations in order to prepare themselves for entry into the labour market in a targeted manner.
  • Thanks to the range of specialist elective subjects, you will gain further knowledge in your specialist subject and will therefore be able to improve your employability.
  • The instructor training that is on offer will enable you to take on the role of training supervisor in your future career.
Interesting numbers and statistics

350 students, approx. 150 new enrolments per academic year

Admission semester
Winter semester or Summer semester
Application period
For the winter semester: 02.05.2024 to 31.05.2024
For the summer semester: 15.11.2024 to 31.12.2024
Dual system options
Dual Business Administration
Business administration

More information

Detailed information about the curriculum of this programme is available in German. Switch the language toggle in the upper right corner.

More information

For more information on jobs and career prospects for graduates of this programme, visit our German pages by switching the language toggle in the upper right corner.

Information on admission

Admission requirements and FAQs on application and admission (in German)

Documentation of language proficiency:

The language of instruction in this degree programme is German. Applicants who are native speakers of a language other than German, who do not have bachelor’s degree from a German educational institution, and who have not completed German-language vocational or professional training at secondary school must provide one of the following certificates as documentation of their German proficiency:

  • German language examination for the university admission of foreign applicants (DSH-Stufe 1)
  • TestDaF (“Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache” with an above-average score (minimally level 3 in all four examination components)

Overview of all recognized language proficiency documentation (pdf in German)

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