Consortial doctorate

As a University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg Tech does not itself have the right to award doctorates, but you can still do your doctorate under a Nuremberg Tech professor in collaboration with a university. The supervising professor at Nuremberg Tech will also generally be an assessor for the doctorate.

The requirements for the doctorate are set out by the respective university in its doctoral regulations. In most cases, this means that you generally carry out your research at Nuremberg Tech, but are registered for the doctorate at the university. You will also be assigned a professor at the university, who will also assess your doctorate.


In addition to the “traditional” consortial doctorate, the Verbundpromotion of the Bavarian Science Forum (BayWISS) and its academic partners, currently 11 in number, was launched in Bavaria in 2015. The Joint Academic Partnership offers thematic platforms and is supported by universities and universities of applied sciences.

As a member of the BayWISS academic partnership, you will in many cases receive financial support for material resources and travel. You can also participate in advanced training courses and networking events organized by BayWISS with doctoral students from other universities.

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