Research areas

Research areaNameResearch fieldsSubject groups
Innovative servicesProf. Thomas Bahlinger

Digital consultancy, Bank/customer interaction, Robo Advice, Applied IT

Organization and Information Systems and Management
Innovative servicesProf. Ralph BlumInnovation management, Brand management in the capital goods business, Anticipative market research & usability testing, Scenario and trend research Marketing
Transport and logisticsProf. Ralf BogdanskiSustainable urban logistics, Green logistics, Life cycle assessmentLogistics, Sustainable Corporate Governance
Innovative servicesProf. Gabriele Brambach
Marketing, customer relationship management/relationship marketing, price management, behavioural pricingMarketing
Information and communicationProf. Alexander BrigolaThe approximation of laws in the internal market of the EU in industrial age 4.0. The dogmatic structure of the free movement of goods in the EU on the basis of its leading casesBusiness Law
Energy and environmentProf. Frank EbingerSustainability-oriented innovation and transformation management, Smart cities, Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainability in international collaborationSustainable Corporate Governance
Energy and environmentProf. Birgit EitelEnergy & (regional) developmentInternational management
Innovative servicesProf. Werner FeesInnovation management, China management, Industry 4.0International Management
Innovative servicesProf. German Figlin
IFRS, M&A accounting and evaluation, financial reporting, accounting regulationAccounting and Controlling
Innovative servicesProf. Matthias FischerStrategic challenges for banks, Robo advisory and automated asset management, Mergers & acquisitions, Equity analysis in banks, Financial regulation for the banking sector, Value management in banks, Fintechs, Client-centric banking, Digital strategy for banks, Online KPIs for banks, Touch point management for banks, InsurtechsFinance
Innovative servicesProf. Dr Hans-Dieter Gerner
Empirical labour market and human resources economics, in particular operational adjustment and operational productivityMathematics and Statistics, quantitative methods
Information and communicationProf. Irmgard GleußnerCivil procedure law, Insolvency lawBusiness Law
Innovative servicesProf. Alexander Hahn
Affective computing, Conversational interfaces, in particular ChatBots, Rapid digital prototypingMarketing
Medicine and healthProf. Martin HeckelmannHealth and care (legal and operational), Mergers & acquisitions, Corporate housekeeping, HR & employmentBusiness Law
Transport and logistics Prof. Gerhard HeßStrategic procurement and procurement management, in particular supply strategies and procurement strategies, material group management and product group strategies, supplier management and supplier strategies, procurement controlling, maturity stage management in procurement, risk management in procurement, sustainability management in procurementLogistics
Innovative servicesProf. Laila Maija HofmannEmployer branding, International management development,
Diversity management
Human Resources Management
Information and communicationProf. Michael HofmannCompany taxation, National and international tax lawCompany Taxation
Innovative servicesProf. Dirk HonoldFinancing of innovation and growth, in particular with economic analysis of the drafting of contracts for the provision of risk capital, equity financing: evaluation, value drivers and exit, investor relations and capital markets: How does value become a price?, Value-oriented management and control, Corporate governance and role of the supervisory boardFinance
Energy and environmentProf. Bernd Hümmer
Strategic management, Sustainability management, Entrepreneurship, Business ethics and CSRSustainable Corporate Governance
Innovative servicesProf. Johannes Igl
Logistics and supply chain management, IT systems in supply chain management and logistics, Digitization, Industry 4.0, Design of logistics networks, Supply chain management in the consumer goods industryLogistics, Mathematics and Statistics
Innovative servicesProf. Robert JäckleEmpirical education, Labour market and behavioural economics, Survey methodologyEconomics
Innovative servicesProf. Christian Langenbach
Digitization, Digital business, E-business, E-commerce, E-services, Social media, Social commerce, E-learning, Learning management, Service management, Project management, IT consultingOrganization and Information Systems and Management
Innovative servicesProf. Walter Lösel
Economic planning gamesOrganization and Information Systems and Management
Innovative servicesProf. Michael Maier
Controlling in the service sector, business intelligence and controlling in public administrationsAccounting and Controlling
Innovative servicesProf. Anja Morawietz
International and national accounting, Group accounting and consolidation, Auditing, Supervisory lawAccounting and Controlling
Transport and logistics Prof. Stefanie MüllerTransport management, in particular transport calculationLogistics
Innovative servicesProf. Uwe Mummert
Development Economics and PolicyEconomics, quantitative methods
Energy and environmentProf. Jan Niessen
Strategic market development in organic business, market research and marketing in organic business, stakeholder behaviour and sustainable management, transformation processes in the economy and societySustainable Corporate Governance
Innovative servicesProf. Kai NobachHarmonization of accounting and controlling systems, International corporate management, Effects of current IFRS matters on the controlling, analysis and implementation of business partnering in controllingAccounting and Controlling
Innovative servicesProf. Gerald PreißlerImplications of international accounting standards on controlling instruments, Indicator systems/KPIs, Interfaces and harmonization of internal and external accounting (“balance sheet controlling”), Operational analyses and evaluations of small and medium-sized enterprises and freelance practices, Cost and performance accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises and freelance practices, Business planning, Internal and external benchmarkingAccounting and Controlling
Innovative servicesProf. Florian RiedmüllerSponsorship management, Sports marketing, Technical market research, Identity-oriented brand managementMarketing
Information and communicationProf. Helen RogersThe impact of additive manufacturing technologies/3D printing on global supply chains, Business models for 3DP printing, Negotiating successful buyer-supplier relationships, Practical implications of cross-cultural business negotiationsInternational Management
Information and communicationProf. Karlheinz RuckriegelBehavioural economics in financial policy and the implementation of happiness research findings in politics, society, and the economyEconomics
Information and communicationProf. Peter Schlieper
Income tax, choice of legal form and taxation, inheritance taxCompany Taxation
Information and communicationProf. Susanne Schmidt-PfeifferTax-related succession consultancy / foundation law, business succession / foundationsCompany Taxation
Information and communicationProf. Renate Schüller
German and international employment and business lawBusiness Law
Innovative servicesProf. Klaus StemmermannInternational controlling, price management & controlling, performance enhancement programmes, corporate management in growth and crisis phases, reporting systemsAccounting and Controlling
Innovative servicesProf. Felix StreitferdtCompany valuation, derivative financial instruments, company financing and contract theoryFinance, Mathematics and Statistics
Traffic and mobilityProf. Christoph TrippDigitization of trade, in particular distance/online trade/e-commerce, Trade logistics, in particular online and multi-/omni-/cross-channel logistics, Logistics networks, in particular distribution systemsLogistics
Innovative servicesProf. Raphael VerstegeRecruiting and (occupational) aptitude diagnostics, Human resources management, including management development, Professional development (in particular competence management)Human Resources Management
Innovative servicesProf. Andreas WeeseShare analysis and evaluation, investor relations and external value driver communication, investment banking and capital marketsFinance
Innovative servicesProf. Naiming WeiInternationalization strategy, Development and implementation, Foreign direct investment of Chinese companies, Operation of international enterprises in China, Sino-German economic relationshipInternational Management
Information and communicationProf. Yasmin WeißThe future of work in the wake of digital transformation, digital leadership, digital competencies: What are the future hot skills?, Strategic human resources work in China, Female career management: How do women in leadership positions reconcile their private and professional lives?Human Resources Management
Innovative servicesProf. Kai-Uwe WellnerInternational management, Area studies, Cross cultural management, International business, Internationalization of mid-size companies, International M&As, International marketingInternational Management
Innovative servicesProf. Heiko Wrobel
Wholesaling, Digital Services in wholesaling, Contract logisticsLogistics
Innovative servicesProf. Roland Zimmermann
Business analytics, in particular data warehouse architectures, Business intelligence applications and information design and AI technologies, in particular NLP (natural language processing) and semantic technologiesOrganization and Information Systems and Management, Mathematics and Statistics