The Innovation Workshop association specializes in the design and implementation of innovation processes and the anticipative market research that goes along with them.

The Innovation Workshop carries out the following core tasks together with commissioning companies or institutions:

  • finding and evaluating innovative ideas using conventional creativity techniques;
  • analyzing potential new application or business areas;
  • designing, planning, and executing new product acceptance tests;
  • creating innovative marketing concepts and market launch strategies;
  • detecting trends and weak signals with regard to changes in the market and industry environment.

In addition, we offer companies in the industrial goods sector the opportunity to analyze their current or planned market and competitive environment in order to plan or fine-tune the development of a business area, for example. We also carry out market and competition-oriented due diligence (commercial due diligence) to validate an intended company or licence acquisition in a new market or industry environment.

In addition to this, the Innovation Workshop also takes proven marketing development, planning, and implementation methods and tools and develops them further in the context of a given, specific task.