The Innovation Workshop regularly measures the perception of advertisements, posters, websites, and point-of-sale installations. Stationary and mobile eye-tracking devices from the market leader Tobii are used for this purpose. Combining instrumental measurements with surveys provides valuable information on how to design communicative instruments.


Semantic Web analysis for trend and market research

Markets and industry environments are forever changing. Customer groups are changing their preferences or attitudes towards products and brands, competitors are offering improved solutions, and new technologies are challenging existing business principles.

In this environment, companies have to find their bearings and make strategic decisions. Market/product and technology specifications need to be made in such a way that they form a viable business model.

But how can decision makers secure strategic options or take advantage of new opportunities in their markets

  • in the face of a constantly growing flood of information,
  • continuously, in the sense of continuous monitoring,
  • efficiently, while maintaining acceptable levels of effort?

This question is answered by the Innovation Workshop association together with the “Future Engineering” research group, a partnership between Nuremberg Tech and Fraunhofer IIS (https://www.scs.fraunhofer.de/de/vision/digitale-transformation.html). The partnership has set itself the goal of solving this problem with the help of automated text analysis methods. The research group builds on established methods of trend and scenario research, but optimizes them further in the following ways: They

  • extend the empirical data basis by applying new methods of semantically analyzing large amounts of unstructured text data: Information content is continuously extracted from a variety of web-based sources and used to evaluate descriptors as measures of state changes.
  • capture, evaluate, and model periodically relevant information content in order to question the plausibility of future pathways over time. New trends not yet identified previously are integrated.

Also read … https://www.fraunhofer-innovisions.de/semantische-medienanalyse/richtige-riecher/


Customer satisfaction research

The Innovation Workshop offers different approaches for customer satisfaction analyses. Feature-oriented methods are used to pose scaled questions regarding attitudes to relevant features of a brand. In contrast, event-oriented methods are used to collect outstanding or critical consumer experiences at relevant contact points.


Sponsorship concept

The Innovation Workshop examines and optimizes concepts from the field of sponsorship. This involves analyzing both the perspective of the sponsor, with its goals of recognition and image impact, and the perspective of the sponsored party, with its publicity and networking goals. The result should always be a win-win partnership for both parties.