The internship semester in numbers

The following report on the internship semester in the Business Administration bachelor’s degree programme provides an initial overview of the structure and framework of the practical semester.

Click this link to view the report (in German only). fileadmin/fakultaeten/bw/bw_bachelor/Praxissemester_in_Zahlen_BW_TH_Nuernberg.pdf

Frequently asked questions about the practical semester

There are many questions about the practical semester that come up again and again.

In the “Infos Praxissemester – B-BW (SPO2016)” Moodle course, we answer the most frequently asked questions on (before, during, and after) the “internship”, “practical research seminar”, and “internship and dual studies”.

Please note the additional FAQ section in the above link, which answers your questions about the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the practical semester.

Guide to the internship

The semester placement is scheduled to take place in the 5th study semester (SPO 2016) or in the 4th study semester (SPO 2012). It takes time to prepare for the practical semester, so students should start preparing during their 2nd or 3rd study semester.


The “GUIDE” will help by providing all the information, forms, and contacts you will need BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the internship.

GUIDE to the SPO 2016 internship (in German)

GUIDE to the SPO 2012 internship (in German)

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with your named contact persons.

Please send all enquiries and applications/documents directly to Ms Hiermannsberger, Room BL.202 (Please send all documents digitally during the coronavirus crisis!)

Internship seminar

The internship seminar in SPO 2016 is incorporated into the “Practical research seminar” module.

General information regarding participation and the time frame can be found by clicking the corresponding link in the GUIDE to the internship.