Are you curious to discover the world, and tackle important challenges? Then choose to study International Business at Nuremberg Tech! By blending theory with practice, this program provides a springboard to the career of your choice.

A wide-ranging bachelor academic study program, numerous specialization options, professional language instruction, practical projects, and two stays abroad prepare you optimally for a job in dynamic and agile positions in internationally-minded companies.

Interested? We look forward to your application!

Bachelor of Arts
Program duration
7 Semester
Admission restrictions
Numerus Clausus
See requirements
Language of instruction
100% of the teaching in the first three semesters takes place in English. This is also the case for all compulsory modules in semesters six and seven. Among the required electives, the majority of courses are in English, with a few German-language subjects offered in addition.
Subject distribution
Special features
  • International flair in a personalized atmosphere: International Business is designed for about 60 students per year. Approximately one third of them are international students who add internationality to the program from the very beginning. Currently IB-students represent about 40 nationalities.
  • Due to the relatively small number of students, another unique trademark of this program is the students´ close personal contact to staff and faculty members of our department
  • Our students are required to do a 20-week internship abroad and to spend one semester at a partner university outside of Germany.
Interesting numbers and statistics

60 new students per year; about one third are international students

2 compulsory semesters abroad (20-week internship abroad and one semester at a partner university)

100% of lectures in English

High success rate: 85% of first-semester students complete their International Business degree

More than 98% of graduates enter the workforce within six months of graduation

Testimonials: This is how our students rate the degree programme on StudyCheck (in German)

Admission semester
Winter semester
Beginning in the summer semester is only possible for transfer students starting at a higher semester (application period: 15 Nov - 15 Jan)
Application period
For the winter semester: 02.05.2024 to 15.07.2024
Dual system options
Dual International Business
Business administration
Prospective degree programs
International Finance and Economics (M.Sc.)
International Marketing (M.A.)
Business Administration (M.A.)


The first component comprises the basic study modules. During this first three semesters, students focus on foundation courses, e.g. Business Mathematics, Foundations of Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Personnel Management. Besides English, additional language courses in Spanish or French as well as German for international students prepare students for their international careers. Students receive an application-oriented education which also includes special courses for developing soft skills (Presentation Techniques, Intercultural Communication).

Internship Abroad

An important part of the International Business program is an internship abroad of 20 weeks. It significantly contributes to the student's personal and professional development and enhances his/her employment prospects. The internship is generally scheduled for the fourth semester.

By means of this internship, IB-students have the opportunity to work alongside experienced managers from all over the world and to acquire valuable professional skills. Theoretical knowledge will be applied in day-to-day business situations, in order to allow the student to accumulate a wide range of practical and managerial tools.

Study Semester Abroad

During the fifth semester, each student is expected to study for one semester at one of over 70 partner universities of the Faculty of Business Administration.

The study semester abroad is an exciting opportunity to gain insight into different approaches to management teaching, to experience life in a different society and culture, and to develop one's own language proficiency. It is an integral part of the IB degree program for which our students are carefully prepared during their first years of studies.

More information about the benefits of international experience you can finde here.

During the last two semesters of the program, classes with an international perspective, like International Financial Management or International Pricing Strategies, will be emphasized. The ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real live settings will be acquired through the course Project Work. Students must develop and carry out an independent project which can consist of a business plan, an event or an applied research project.

Besides the mandatory courses students will be able to choose from a variety of electives depending on their future career plans.

IB-students conclude their studies with the Bachelor´s Thesis in their 7th semester. In dealing with a large scale international topic students will be able to work independently on a scientific issue. The Bachelor´s Thesis can be carried out in form of a research project at our university or in cooperation with a company. The duration for writing it is 5 months.

Sample Schedule of Semester 1


The International Business program offers you the opportunity to set an individual focus. Students who choose such a career focus must complete the internship abroad as well as write the Bachelor's thesis in that area. In addition, at least 12 credit points of electives must be earned from focus electives. Students who fulfill these conditions, may have the specialization included in the transcript.

Currently, the following specializations are offered:


Digital businesses use technology to create new business models and customer experiences to provide a sustainable competitive edge. Essentially, digital business means adopting customer-centric innovation as a key element of a successful business strategy. Digital competence should no longer be the domain of technical experts but instead be part of a manager’s core skillset. The purpose of this specialisation is for students to acquire both the ‘hard’ (technical) and ‘soft’ (communication) digital competences to contribute to digital transformation.

This specialization enables International Business students to build on knowledge gained from the early semesters of the International Business Bachelor program and use this to prepare themselves for a digital business-oriented role in an international organization.

The career focus “Finance” provides a comprehensive overview on main concepts in the field of corporate finance. Topics such as capital budgeting, capital structure decisions, the time value of money and further basic subjects of managerial finance are covered in an application-oriented way. The courses lay the foundations for a career in the corporate finance-, banking-, or insurance industry.

Human Resource Management deals with the different aspects of personnel management, including recruitment, retention management, talent management, and leadership issues. The overall objective is, to develop an understanding of basic issues in human resource management and how to tackle these issues with economic methods.

The career focus International Economics provides a general introduction into the economics of globalization. Issues like what determines international trade patterns or exchange rates are tackled. Furthermore, a strong focus will be put on European economic integration.


Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.
As a specialization Marketing deals with concepts that are needed to satisfy needs of customers on the long term.

On a strategic level this comprises a thorough understanding of customer characteristics, needs (through market research) and customer buying behavior as well as the derivation of sustainable competitive advantage(s) (on the base of the prior information). On an operational level marketing treats with questions on how to create the right product / offering (for the descripted target customer group), how to price this offer adequately, how to place this offering (at locations where the key customer group would buy it) and how to communicate with customers in order to convince them to know, value and buy the product offering.

Operations Management / Logistics

Efficient logistic networks are essential requirements for successful economies. In the course “Distribution and Supply Chain Management” the focus is placed on the logistical processes and structures within these networks, which are necessary for supplying customers.

The reason why distribution logistics is given such a high degree of importance is due, on the one hand, to the high costs involved in distribution logistic tasks. On the other hand distribution logistics is increasingly taking on a more important role in the service policy of many companies.

Students gain a strong knowledge in the tasks, specific features, challenges and success factors of the distribution systems within industry, trade and the services sector. They will also gain the ability to choose, evaluate and use relevant solutions in distribution logistics in a structured manner.

Are you wondering whether our economy can continue to grow in the long term? Climate change, the destruction of species, animal welfare, limited environmental space and finite raw materials influence numerous areas, including economics.

In the Sustainability specialization, you will learn how sustainability can be integrated into the innovation management structures of companies. You will experience sustainable development from different perspectives and understand sustainable innovations in the context of ecological and social issues that arise worldwide. Based on important sustainability approaches (life cycle analysis, circular economy, environmentally friendly design and sustainable product development), you will develop concrete solutions in various case studies. In particular, the career focus highlights the unique framework conditions and characteristics of emerging and developing countries as well as innovation approaches with a special focus on sustainability solutions. In addition, you will learn about the concepts and instruments of sustainable market-based environmental policy and examine the role of companies in this context, the impact of market-based environmental policy on corporate decisions and how ecological goals can be integrated into the market.

In seven semesters, we provide you with specialist knowledge in economics with a focus on international applicability.

The program includes two semesters abroad, an internship abroad and a study semester at a partner university.The program is based on 210 ECTS and is divided into three major component.
International Business is a practice-oriented degree program. Numerous projects with companies, group work and case studies prepare students for their entry into the job market. You can find out more about the practical relevance here.

The current and complete module descriptions for each semester, including detailed information, can be found in the module handbook.


Fields of work, Job profiles

Feel confident on the international stage: International Business graduates work in leading positions in all aspects of international business. They can be consultants for corporations, managers in human resources and take responsibility for business transactions and finances. On their own or within a team they work on formulating strategies, negotiate with business partners and allocate materials and human recourses. Since the world has become a global village, International Business graduates are sought after by medium-sized companies as well as global players, like Adidas and Siemens. Employment is also offered with multi-national organizations, government agencies and NGOs (non-governmental organizations mainly in the development aid sector).

Current labor market, starting salary

The advancing globalization of the economy brings about constant changes in international markets, and dynamic processes require highly qualified business experts who work with a long range perspective on shaping the future.

Graduates of our specialized International Business degree program are well prepared to assume leading positions in internationally operating companies, and almost all of them easily find employment (98 % within 6 months after graduation).

Salaries are highly divers depending on the employers. However, they are usually somewhat higher than a graduate of a classical Business Administration program would get, since the international component is highly valued by prospective employers.

What do our alumni do now?

Learn more from our alumni about job prospects and why you should choose to study International Business.

Anas Aldowajy

Date of Graduation
March 2022

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis
The Role of The Government in Enhancing The Solar PV Industry – A Case Study of The Government Role in The Historical Development in Germany and China

Current position
Country Manager – UK Market (LipoCraft GmbH)

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
Managing the UK Market for the brand ActiNovo. Collaborating with the Marketing, Customer Service, Logistics, and Operations Departments to achieve the business goals of the company.

What did you like about your International Business studies in particular?
I liked the program itself and the courses that were available for us, especially the focus elective courses. I also liked the atmosphere in general; I was privileged to make friends with students from all around the world.

Do you have any recommendations for future International Business students?
I recommend the future students to start the program with a positive mindset. Be open, curious, and thrive to learn and grow. The IB program has a lot of great opportunities for the students. Do your semester abroad in a new country and get professional experience from abroad as well. IT IS WORTH IT & IT IS FUN.

Steven J. Pawlowicz

Date of Graduation
March 2021

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis
Starting up an Online Marketing Agency - The design of a sustainable business model considering potentials and risk factors through the example of PACER Media

Current position
Founder @ PACER Media

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
We design and produce creative and unpredictable ideas for our clients to lead their markets.

What did you like about your International Business studies in particular?
I absolutely loved the period abroad! The IB studies did not only hone my academic skills but also shaped me as a person through new experiences and interactions with people from around the globe. 11 out of 10 would highly recommend you to apply for the IB program!

Do you have any recommendations for future International Business students?
Be open and limitless. Every decision can be life changing for you in a positive way when you study IB. Therefore, be open to new things and explore new things. Most importantly, you and your fellow students should be there for each other, like a support system. Be kind!

Adrian Doerk

Adrian Doerk

Date of Graduation
August 2020

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis
The growth factors of self-sovereign identity.

Current position
Managing Director and Co-founder of Lissi GmbH

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
Advancing digital trust for all Europeans with digital identity wallets.

What did you like about your International Business studies in particular?
The international setting facilitates learning with different perspectives and backgrounds creating a fertile ground for a diverse network and parties!

Do you have any recommendations for future International Business students?
Don't focus on your grades, instead find your Ikigai (Japanese concept, lit. 'a reason for being') and invest in yourself to be a future expert and leader in the niche of your choice.

Martha Wenzel

Date of Graduation
September 2020

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis
Lithium as key resource for a sustainable mobility – understanding the necessity and costs of lithium reserve development in Bolivia

Current position
Co-founder and CEO at E-TERRY GmbH

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
I bring together the right people in the right environment to build an agricultural robot that enables sustainable and intelligent farming on a large scale.

What did you like about your International Business studies in particular?
I was amazed by how many people with different backgrounds come together in one single program and how that enriched every single day of studying. Being in this international environment constantly opens up new perspectives and gives the opportunity to learn so much more than just hard skills. Also, I highly appreciated the intimacy of the program and the hands-on mindset of the professors.

Do you have any recommendations for future International Business students?
Do not hunt after 1.0’s constantly and do not just learn everything by heart. When you get your degree what counts is what you have taken from your lectures and how you make the most out of it in your professional life. Also, get a working student job, socialize with others, and actively shape your course of study to suit your needs and interests. And most importantly, keep pushing yourself and ENJOY!

Polina Ivanova

Polina Ivanova

Date of Graduation
July 2019

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis
Assessing talents effectively and efficiently. Critical analysis of the implemented selection process of information technology managers in Puma SE and development of recommendations for the future improvement

Current position
Junior Manager People Development & Organizational Learning at PUMA SE

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
Assisting various learning initiatives as blended and digital corporate education, communicating learning opportunities to employees.

What did you like about your International Business studies in particular?
Diversity of covered topics during the program fascinates! It makes IB exceptional among other programs on the market. Disciplines cover as classical theoretical foundations, as well as modern trends and technologies, capturing all major business functions. This magical combination makes graduates prepared for dynamic business world and highly demanded on global job market.

Do you have any recommendations for future International Business students?
Enjoy these outstanding years of IB studies! Learn, network and experience as much as you can. It is great intercultural environment for it. Remember, that there are no more and less important subjects, all of the knowledge received you are going to successfully integrate into your future work.

Christopher Göhl

Christopher Göhl

Date of Graduation:
August 2019

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis:
Reciprocity in Human-Chatbot interaction: An Experimental Study on Branding-related Outcomes & Effects Based on the Social Exchange Theory

Current position:
Solution Engineer (ITONICS GmbH)

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
I solve the problems and challenges our customers face in their innovation management related activities through sophisticated and bespoke software solutions in order to enable them to scale the ITONICS Enterprise Grade application throughout their organization.

What did you like about your IB studies in particular?
Studying is not only about learning the subject at hand, but also about growing up and learning how to deal with difficult and tricky situations inside and outside the courses you take. Combine that with an international focus and hands-on experience, all in English? Yes, please! In addition, a work/study abroad experience is an option with most degree programs, but with IB it is a must, forcing you out of your comfort zone, shaping each student, and instilling a love of the new. Because we are such a small group of students, each year was able to have a very intimate and focused study experience. Having this multitude of experiences at your fingertips will make a lot of things easier for you later in life.

Do you have any recommendations for future IB students?
Don't take yourself too seriously! You are just one of many we’re not special! There are 2.9 million students, many of whom will have good grades. Don't get lost in the pursuit of grades, use the university experience to make friends, go to parties, and develop skills outside of the classroom. Get involved in extracurricular activities and find a passion outside of studying. Go abroad and make the most of it, overcome the fear of being responsible for yourself. Fail often and fail fast, that's how we grow, so don't be hard on yourself. This is what will distinguish you from the others - everything else is a plus.

Johanna Weigl

Date of Graduation:
September 2018

Topic of the Bachelor´s Thesis:
Analysis of the Importance of Influencer Marketing in the Automotive Industry

Current position:
Digital Transformation Analyst at Accenture SONG

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
By leveraging digital technologies and creative growth opportunities in changing consulting projects, I focus on improving consumer experiences together with our clients in different industries.

What did you like about your IB studies in particular?
Looking back to my good old student times, the two factors, that are immediately at top of my mind are the gained experiences abroad and connections to my peers. Having the opportunity and support to spend two semesters in an international environment to develop interculturally, professionally, and personally shaped my mindset and skills for my current role. Plus, I have collected so many great memories, that I would not want to miss! And, secondly, I always loved the fact, that the IB program is a relatively small group with strong international background. Being surrounded with diverse and open minds fostered strong connections that still hold up until this day.

Do you have any recommendations for future IB students?
Make the program yours! You are provided with so many different opportunities in terms of partner universities, language courses, topics and industry connections – make the program to your personal toolbox and select the puzzle pieces that you need and truly want for your personal path and development. Sometimes its hard to know what you truly want, so give it a try, start, fail, learn & grow – and repeat that cycle as often as possible!

Katharina Thomas

Katharina Thomas

Date of Graduation
July 2017

Topic of the Diploma/Bachelor´s Thesis
The Influence of Shifts in Brand Image on Market Relevance – On the Example of Hollister Co.

Current position
Senior Communications Manager, The LEGO Group, Denmark

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
I lead the LEGO Design organisation’s internal communication, working primarily with the leadership team while also driving key employer branding initiatives.

What did you like about your IB studies in particular?
I loved the international atmosphere, especially that we had the opportunity to go abroad twice during our studies. It made wonderful memories and helped me to find out who I am and where I want to go. It also helped me to find out a little more where my career should take me.
I highly appreciated the strong focus on soft skills such as presentation techniques. This is rather unique and helps immensely for Master studies as well as in different work environments.

Do you have any recommendations for future IB students?
Make the most of your time abroad, it shapes you personally and professionally! Appreciate the sometimes tough schedule, it prepares you perfectly for master studies and your future career. Lastly, do not forget to enjoy your studies and do some extracurricular activities that you love.

Thomas Bartelsen

Thomas Bartelsen

Date of Graduation
August 2013

Topic of the Diploma/Bachelor´s Thesis
Self-Branding 2.0 - how to establish a beneficial digital finger print on XING.

Current position
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner (=Lead Recruiter Central Europe) at TecAlliance and the founder of Talents and Prodigies UG.

How would you describe your work in one sentence?
I help TecAlliance attract, select, and ultimately win candidates (m/f/d) across Central Europe and take pride in owning all recruiting and employer branding-related topics for this cluster. As for my company, I help candidates find their ideal career and companies their perfect job in Germany.

What did you like about your IB studies in particular?
During my studies, I was part of a group of around 65 students with 15 different nationalities. We were international by default. Our study groups were small, usually comprising 15-20 individuals, which allowed us to have close contact with one another and our lecturers. This experience was undoubtedly the most personal, profound, and enjoyable of the three universities I attended, from my Bachelor's to my Master's. Usually, when you talk about university experiences with others, lecturers know your face at best but never your name. IB is different and a true community. I learned a lot about cultural diversity and how it can benefit not only myself and my team but also contribute to the success of a team with a diverse background and perspective. Reflecting on that time, I feel privileged that I had this.

Do you have any recommendations for future IB students?
If you get a place in this program, you are among a privileged group of individuals. Now, once you complete the enrolment, be ready to immerse yourself in the experience. Be it the direct contact with professors or lecturers, the contact with your (diverse) colleagues, or the fantastic international internship or semester abroad. You´ll come out different than before, so just enjoy the process and make sure to make the most out of it to make it a solid foundation for your professional and personal development. IB is a community, so make sure you are part of it.

Further qualification options after the bachelor's degree

After the bachelor's degree, you can choose from two international master's programs at the Faculty of Business Administration - Master inInternational Finance and Economics and Master in International Marketing. If you would like to continue your studies in German, the Master of Business Administration would be a good choice. 

International Business is an NC (numerus clausus) degree programme. This means that there are more applicants than there are places available. We are therefore unable to offer places to all applicants who meet the admission requirements. The following page summarizes the main formal and personal requirements. These will help you find out whether a bachelor’s degree programme in International Business is a good fit for you.

Formal requirements

The Numerus Clausus (NC) ranks the applicants according to their final average grade of their school graduation certificate. The grade up to which applicants will be admitted is not known prior to the admission process. It rather changes with each admission process based on the number of applicants and their individual grades. The level of the NC in the semester the application is submitted is unknown, but the values from previous semesters are useful starting points (Last semester’s minimum grade point average for admission [pdf in German]). Do not get discouraged if you do not meet the previous values as the NC varies from year to year. Plus, apart from the average grade, German applicants and applicants from EU-member countries can improve their application and increase their chances of getting into the program.

For more information about the admission requirements and the application process please follow this link.

Personal characteristics and skills

For the IB program, we highly recommend to have the following:

  • Interest in and understanding of business and economic issues
  • You should be internationally oriented, motivated and willing to learn
  • Solid background in mathematics and analytical skills: You need to be familiar with algebra, standard functions, equation systems and inequalities, differential and integral calculus as usually taught in school
  • Excellent command of the English language (C1 level)
  • Basic skills in a second foreign language (A1 or A2 level): Spanish or French for German applicants as well as German for international applicants

    Please note: Mandatory for earning credit points (so called ECTS) towards the Bachelor's degree is the successful completion of language classes at B1 and B2 level preferably within the first three semesters. Students without any prior knowledge may indeed start at the beginner's level, but the language classes A1 and A2 would be on a voluntary basis. Consequently, those students will not be able to complete the language requirements for the second foreign language until the end of their third semester, and would have to continue with this language after the time abroad. Therefore, we strongly suggest having basic language skills before the start of your studies.

Common stumbling blocks

Absolutely essential during the first three semesters are the three fundamental courses Business MathematicsFoundations of Business Administration and English. Young students often underestimate the importance of Mathematics and therefore fail the exam.

The International Business program integrates a 20-week internship abroad and a study semester at one of our partner universities outside of Germany. Finding and organizing an internship abroad is surely challenging. Especially non-EU students should consider that they have to face a number of barriers that local students do not have (visa, work permit etc.). But please be assured that we will do our best to assist and prepare you for this exciting part of your studies.

How do my skills measure up against the program requirements? How do I prepare myself?

Are you unsure whether International Business is the right degree programme for you? Nuremberg Tech offers you a range of services to help you find out exactly that.

Inside view from students

Studi-Talks: Ask those in the know! (in German)

Testimonials at (in German)


You can check directly online whether this degree programme fits your skills and interests.

Trial lectures

Attend our trial lectures in the International Business degree programme. You can get a first impression of a lecture in this degree programme and experience the atmosphere at our university live.

  • Trial lectures (in German)

Student Counseling Portal

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Student Counseling Service

Are you looking for individual advice and support for your orientation and choice of degree programme? Then you are welcome to contact our team at the Student Counseling Service.
Student Counseling Service

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Studi-Talks: Ask those in the know! (in German)

Faculty advisor

Would you like more detailed information about the content of individual subjects within International Business? Then the Faculty Advisor is your next port of call.