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Upcoming Business Alumni Homecomings (please save the date):

Previous Business Alumni Homecomings (and agendas):

3.00 pm: Arrival and get-together
4.00 pm: Welcome by Dean Prof. Frank-Ulrich Fricke, Alumni Awards and group photo
4.30 pm: Programme of events (parallel events as options): Workshop, research lectures, or campus tour
- Option 1: Workshop: Alumni and then? (Session led by: Prof. Laila Hofmann (Vice Dean)
- Option 2: Workshop: Further development of our degree programmes (Session led by: Prof. Florian Riedmüller (Vice Dean)
- Option 3: Workshop: Recruitment of specialists (Session led by: Petra Maria Petridis (Career Service))
- Option 4: Presentations on current research topics at our Faculty (Speakers: Research group members of Prof. Ralf Bogdanski and Prof. Raphael Verstege)
- Option 5: Campus tour (Contact person: Daniel Großhauser)
5.30 pm: Coffee break/networking
6.00 pm: Short presentation of the workshop results
6.15 pm: Keynote presentation held by one of our alumni
6.30 pm: End of the meeting/get-together

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