IB Office

Nuremberg Institute of Technology
Faculty of Business Administration
IB Office
2nd floor, Room no. 227
Bahnhofstr. 87
90402 Nuremberg

The IB Office provides assistance related to the International degree programmes: Bachelor in International Business, Bachelor in International Business and Technology, Master in International Finance and Economics, Master in International Marketing.
For each programme, special degree programme assistants can be contacted:

Bachelor in International Business (B-IB)

Stefanie Bartenstein Stefanie Bartenstein

Bachelor in International Business and Technology (B-IBT)

Daniela Gaibl Daniela Gaibl

Master in International Finance and Economics (M-IFE)

Nicole Hauf Nicole Hauf

Master in International Marketing (M-IMA)

Anneke Neddermann Anneke Neddermann

Contacts to the Examination Boards

Ms Simone Rubel is the administrative assistant to the IB Examination Board (B-IB, M-IFE, M-IMA) and to the IBT Examination Board (B-IBT).

Simone Rubel Simone Rubel

Administrative Head of the IB Office

Ulrike Schäfer Ulrike Schäfer