Dear new students, we are very glad to welcome you to the International Business program! We hope that your stay will be pleasant and successful! Just take advantage of the time before the lectures will start to go through the required formalities and to gather information on your studies.

Get Started! Our Buddy and Tutor Program

Are you a new international student? We can imagine that your first steps in Germany are exciting and exhausting at the same time. Be assured that our buddies welcome you warmly. They offer you the precise support needed for a smooth and joyful settling into our university and the city of Nuremberg. This can be receiving you from airport, assisting you with initial paperwork, finding accommodation or visiting sights… and most importantly creating the right home atmosphere.

The first week of university is vital for all new International Business students to become familiar with all aspects of the study program. Therefore, we prepare special events during the initial days of your first semester to meet all people of the Faculty of Business Administration who will support you in successfully completing your studies. In addition, your tutors will familiarize you with campus, schedule, digital platforms, and relevant student-related topics. We wish you a smooth transition into the beginning of your first semester with us.

Students’ residences run by the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg (student union):

Studentenwerk Erlangen - Nürnberg
Geschäftsstelle Nürnberg Andreij-Sacharow-Platz 1, 1st floor
90403 Nürnberg

Other options:


Additionally, you can look for a private apartment or a room in a shared flat (called "Wohngemeinschaft" or short WG):

You cannot enrol at a German university or receive a residence permit unless you have health insurance coverage. Please contact one of the following state insurance companies:

Once you signed the contract, you will receive a "Versicherungsbescheinigung" (Proof of insurance). You need to submit this document along with the papers for enrolment.The costs are around 80 Euros per month.

If you are from an EU member country, you will have to ask your insurance company in your home country for an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card entitles you to medical treatment in Germany. However, this has to be confirmed by a letter from one of the above mentioned state insurance companies. Submit this confirmation letter along with the papers for enrolment.


More Information

DAAD Health Insurance

Study in Bavaria

International students are required to open a bank account with a German bank as soon as they arrive in Nuremberg. This will be necessary to be able to sign the mandatory health insurance contract as well as to prove your financial situation to the Foreigners' Registration Office.

In Germany, everyone who is moving to a different place within the country or entering Germany from abroad has to register his/her personal details and address at the local registration office ("Einwohneramt") within two weeks after arrival.

Please take along your passport, the so called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" issued by your landlord, and the filled-in registration form ("Meldeschein"). The clerk will check your information and return to you a copy of your registration form which he/she stamped before.

Please keep your registration form during the whole period of your stay in a safe place because you will need it to deregister at the same office before leaving Nuremberg/Germany for good.


Important Links

Local Registration Office (Einwohneramt Nürnberg)

Registration Form (Meldeschein)

Whether you need a visa as an international student depends on where you come from and how long you wish to stay in Germany. Students who are citizens of EU and EEA-countries as well as Switzerland are not required to obtain a visa. You only need a valid ID card or comparable identification to travel to Germany. After you have entered the country and as soon as you have found an apartment you can register at the Foreigners' Registration Office in Nuremberg. You will automatically receive a residence permit ("Aufenthaltserlaubnis") when you register with the registration office.

Citizens of other countries need to apply for a visa before entering Germany. For more information please contact the German embassy in your home country. The application for a student visa provides that you have been admitted to a study program at a German university. After your arrival in Nuremberg, you will need to submit your visa to the Nuremberg Foreigners' Registration Office in order to convert this to a residence permit. Such a permit is temporary and issued for a specific purpose, e.g. studying.

In general the following documents are required for a visa application:

  • a valid passport
  • admission letter from Nuremberg Institute of Technology (student visa)
  • proof of financial resources
  • health insurance coverage

Proof of financial resources

Your proof of financial resources verifies that you can pay for your period of study. German authorities require that at least the living expenses for your first year in Germany are fully financed. In general, the minimum amount required is 720 Euros per month or 8.640 Euros for the first year to support your stay in Germany. For more information please contact the German embassy in your home country.

The following options of proof are possible:

  • your parents have to prove that their financial means will be sufficient to support you during your stay in Germany
  • legally binding declaration of liability from a person residing in Germany, this confirmation must state that this person is willing to assume the costs for you
  • a security sum on a blocked account
  • scholarship from a recognized scholarship foundation

Please make sure to apply for the residence permit on time and to renew it on time (about 8 weeks prior to expiry). It is also necessary to notify the Foreigners' Registration Office of any changes in the purpose of your stay or place of residency.


Important Links

Nuremberg Foreigers' Registration Office

German Embassy in Your Home Country

Federal Foreign Office | Visa Requirements