Our degree program International Business concentrates on companies and institutions that do not limit their operations to a single nation. You will learn how such business organizations operate in an international environment and how they succeed in the complex and changeable global market. The program gives you an understanding of the different approaches in management found all over the world – from the logistic of cross-border investments to cultural issue which come along with interacting on the global stage. Hence, your International Business studies will lay the foundation for an outstanding career abroad or in organizations that are operating in an international setting.

Gaining global work experience – working in international teams – expanding your horizon, personally and professionally – learning and improving languages – experiencing a multicultural environment – immersing yourself in an entirely new culture – getting a new view on your studies – building up a personal international network – making new friends from all over the world…

One of the best ways to get professional experiences outside of the university is to perform an internship. The internship abroad of at least 20 weeks is an integral part of the International Business program and provides valuable on-the-job experience. Students acquire insight into internationally operating companies and apply theoretical knowledge to day-to-day business situations. Students have the opportunity to work alongside experienced managers from all over the world or find out if their inclinations match the demands of this particular branch. On top, the internship provides the students with beneficial contacts. It means a significant contribution to the student's personal and professional development and enhances his/her employment prospects.

The international orientation of Nuremberg Institute of Technology is manifested in numerous cooperations with universities all over the globe. Thus, our students currently have the opportunity to study business at one of the faculty's 90 partner universities.

Besides the internship abroad, the semester at a partner university is another important part of the International Business studies. The semester abroad provides an exciting opportunity to gain insight into different approaches to management as well as to experience life in a different society and culture. Students are able to expand their individual schedules by a range of new subjects and to gain a new perspective on the career focus chosen. Furthermore, the semester abroad  will teach students to organize their stay and to handle all of the small problems that come along with such a "venture".

... the internship abroad and the semester at a partner university are integral parts of the International Business studies. Finding and organizing an internship abroad is surely challenging. Especially non-EU students should consider that they have to face a number of barriers that local students do not have (visa, work permit, etc.). However, please be assured that we will do our best to assist and prepare you for this exciting part of your studies.

A double degree allows you to study two degrees at once. You spend one year at one of the partner universities mentioned below, and on completion, you graduate with two degrees.

Why would you choose a double degree?

Each double degree is a unique program that offers you a wide range of courses and perspectives of two universities. You learn more and broaden your education, without taking any extra semesters. Studying a double degree is a challenge. Your future employer will be impressed that you have chosen to study in two different countries and that you have explored two different approaches in management/ global markets. A double degree can be very beneficial for your professional network and offers you new opportunities for your further education.

The International Business program offers double degrees with the following partner universities:

You can apply for a double degree program with the International Business Office in your second or third semester.

Impressions from Abroad

  • Internship at NIX and KIX, London
  • Internship at Bosch, Sweden
  • Semester Abroad at the Nagasaki University, Japan
  • After Work: Sightseeing in Barcelona, Spain
  • Internship at Candy Hoover Group, Italy
  • Internship at AV Flexologic, Netherlands
  • Semester Abroad at the Tec de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Semester Abroad at the Feng Chia University Taichung, Taiwan, photo was taken in Laos while travelling
  • Internship at EuroDev, Netherlands
  • Semester Abroad at the Nagasaki University, Japan
  • Semester Abroad at the Universidad de Cádiz, Spain