"The prime reason for me to choose International Business at Nuremberg Tech is the program structure offered here. Three and half years of course where you spend 2 semesters abroad which is both challenging, but in the meantime provides you tons of opportunities to explore the career path. The degree is more than just sitting in a lecture. It's actually traveling around the world and learning through real life experiences aligning it with the theory learnt at the class room."

                                                                                      -- Asim (21) from Nepal

Admission to the Bachelor in International Business is granted on the basis of a so-called Numerus Clausus (NC) which ranks the applicants according to their final average grade of their university entrance qualification. The NC is the grade up to which applicants will be admitted, under consideration of the number of study places available (total of 60).

The NC is not known prior to the admission process. It rather changes with each admission process based on the number of applicants and their grades.

If you wish to study at a university in Germany you need a so-called "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung" (HZB), or higher education entrance qualification. This is a school-leaving certificate and/ or years of studies which qualify you for studying at an institution of higher education/ university.

In order to find out whether your international certificate of education is sufficient to enter our International Business program you must have your former education accredited (so called "Zeugnisanerkennung"). Therefore, please fill out this accreditation form and send it by post with all required documents as soon as these documents are available, to the Student Services of Nuremberg Tech (for address see below "Contact") by 15 July at the latest (receipt at the university!). For more information about the notarization of your documents please follow this link as well as carefully read the second page of the accreditation form. Should your certificates do not fulfill the requirements of the notarization they will not be accepted!

Beforehand you may also visit the DAAD-webpage which can help you to find out what kind of possibilities you can generally expect for admission in Germany. Please note that this data base only provides a general overview for selected countries.

If you receive your school graduation certificate during our application period - 2 May until 15 July - please send this form along with your application documents.

Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian applicants who want to study at a German university are required to have their school and university diplomas evaluated by the "Akademische Prüfstelle" (APS) which exist at the German embassy in Beijing, Hanoi and Ulan Bator.

Please note that the accreditation of your international certificates of education for the International Business Program at our university will be reviewed by Nuremberg Tech (not uni-assist!).


Important Links

"Zeugnisanerkennung" - How does it work?

Information sheet - Notarization of documents

Accreditation Form

APS Beijing

APS Hanoi

APS Ulan Bator


More Information

daad.de | Entrance qualification data base

anabin.org | Evaluation of foreign secondary school-leaving certificates (in German only)

sk-coburg.de | Studienkolleg Coburg

study-in-bavaria.de | Information on universities and life in Bavaria

Please submit your English language certificate along with your application. At the time of application, the certificate must not be older than two years.

I obtained my higher education entrance qualification outside the European Union

Applicants that hold a higher education entrance qualification from outside the European Union must prove their English proficiency by submitting one of the following English test results:

  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): grade C or better
  • IELTS: 6.5 or better
  • TOEFL iBT: 94 or better
  • TOEIC: 485 (listening) and 450 (reading) or better
    (The TOEIC test of the Language Center of TH Nuernberg takes place in February, June, September and December)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE): 75 or better
 I obtained my higher education entrance qualification within the European Union

Applicants that hold a higher education entrance qualification from an EU-member country may improve the application by submitting one of the English test results mentioned above. If you can prove one of these scores, your average final grade improves by 0.4.

You may also improve your application if you can prove an apprenticeship and/or employment (no internship) in a business-related profession. Then your average final grade improves by

  • 0.4, if you have completed an apprenticeship in a business-related profession and it was approved as such by German authorities (Chambers of Industry and Commerce)
  • 0.2, if you have work experience in a business-related field of at least one year (full-time)

The maximum amount of grade improvements (apprenticeship and work experience combined) is 0.5.

  • 2 May until 15 July for the following winter semester (1 October) for first semester applicants and transfer applicants
  • 15 November until 15 January for the following summer semester (15 March) for transfer applicants

The Online Self-Assessment (OSA) will assist you to find out whether our program fits your interests and if you meet the general and program-specific requirements.

The test takes about 60 minutes to complete and should be processed very carefully. Your achievements will be summed up in a pdf-file, including information on your strengths and weaknesses. Your results do not have to be handed in and will not affect your application. The OSA is available all the time.

Important Links

Online Self-Assessment

As the International Business program is restricted by a NC (Numerus Clausus), the application process will be based on a service-oriented admission system, called Hochschulstart. On behalf of the state-recognized German higher education institutions, Hochschulstart coordinates admissions to undergraduate programs, nationwide.

The following explanations will assist you in preparing your application:

  1. Please register with Hochschulstart in order to receive your Applicant Authorization Number (BID) and Authentication Number (BAN).
  2. Now you also have to register through the application portal of TH Nürnberg. Please enter your BID and BAN. Your core data, e.g. name, address, will then be transferred from Hochschulstart to the application portal of TH Nürnberg. Now select the programs you wish to apply for. You can choose one or more programs (up to twelve) offered by the TH Nürnberg.
  3. When preparing the online application, you will be asked to upload certain documents. Therefore please have your CV, your university entrance qualification (e.g. accreditation letter from TH Nürnberg) and, if applicable, further documents (e.g. proof of your English skills) available in a digital version (pdf- or gif-documents). Please note: For the accreditation of your foreign certificates (Zeugnisanerkennung) you still have to hand in officially certified documents via postal mail. You will find more information about the required application documents below.
  4. If you intend to apply for several programs and/or more universities, your Hochschulstart account allows you to prioritize your choices. If you do not prioritize manually, your applications will be ranked chronologically.
  5. From mid-July on, TH Nürnberg will evaluate your applications and make the results available on Hochschulstart. You can view the status of your applications and admissions in your user account.
  6. If admitted, you have to accepted the offer, or choose one if you have several. Once you accepted, your other applications will be deleted and places will become available to other applicants. If you did not decide by mid-August, the highest ranked program will automatically be determined using your priority list and the university´s ranking list. We, therefore, highly recommend to make use of prioritizing your choices. After admission, you can find the letter of admission in the application portal of TH Nürnberg.
  7. Once you accepted a place of study at TH Nürnberg, you have to enroll officially. This needs to be done on the application portal of TH Nürnberg. Please print out the enrolment document, sign it, and send it by postal mail along with other required documents to the Student Services (Studierendenservice) of the TH Nürnberg.

Attention: The deadlines relating to your Hochschulstart account, such as prioritizing your applications, vary from year to year. You will find more information about the current application period on the webpage of Hochschulstart.

Important Links

Application Portal of TH Nürnberg

Application Portal of Hochschulstart

Information about the registration and application through Hochschulstart

Please upload the following documents not later than 15 July in the application portal of TH Nürnberg: 

  • University entrance qualification, e.g. accreditation letter by TH Nürnberg or the Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle Munich
  • For Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian applicants: APS letter
  • Complete curriculum vitae in English, with dates showing the beginning and end of your school education/studies
  • School graduation certificate, including all courses taken and grades obtained
  • If applicable: Proof of university years/ degree of undergraduate study program, including Academic Record/ Diploma Supplement as well as final grade point average
  • If applicable: English test result, not older than two years at the time of applying
  • If applicable: Proof of completed apprenticeship approved by a German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • If applicable: Proof of work experience if employed at least one year in a business related profession (no internship!)


Important Documents

Application Checklist for Download

Applicants who have already been studying at another university have the opportunity to apply for admission to a higher semester under following conditions:

  • Only courses which have been taught in English can be accredited
  • At least 45 ECTS from previous studies have to be accredited by the IB Examination Board of our faculty
  • And you need to take into account that there is a limited capacity for transfer students

If you meet the above mentioned requirements you have to submit the following documents:

  • Application form, including your application number. You receive the application form as pdf-file after successful registration through the application portal of TH Nürnberg. For transferring students, the registration through Hochschulstart is not required.
  • Complete curriculum vitae in English, with dates showing the beginning and end of your school education/studies
  • School graduation certificate, including all courses taken and grades obtained (certified copies)
  • Complete documents required for the accreditation process (Zeugnisanerkennung); for more information, please see "Accreditation of Your Documents"
  • Request form on which you have to list all the courses you want to receive recognition for
  • Transcript of records with stamp and signature from your previous university (certified copy or original): The Transcript of records must show the modules, grades and credit points achieved in your previous studies as well as the total amount of credit points and the preliminary grade point average. Transcript of records from non-German or non-English-speaking countries must be submitted in the original language and additionally in English or German translation.
  • If the module catalogue (providing more details about the courses you want to receive recognition for) is not available online, please enclose a certified copy with stamp and signature from your previous university

Please note:

You will be asked to upload documents during the online application process. Additionally, please send the documents listed above in paper form via post within the application period to our university.

If you are applying for the winter semester, in order to improve your chances for admission to this degree program, we recommend that you also apply for admission to the first semester should your request for admission to a higher semester be denied. In this case, you have to submit two separate sets of application documents!

One year abroad

All of our students are required to do a 20-week internship abroad and to spend one semester at a partner university abroad. Finding and organizing an internship abroad is surely challenging. Especially non-EU students should consider that they have to face a number of barriers that local students do not have (visa, work permit etc.). But please be assured that we will do our best to assist and prepare you for this exciting part of your studies.

Solid background in mathematics and analytical skills

You need to be familiar with algebra, standard functions, equation systems and inequalities, differential and integral calculus as usually taught in school.

Language proficiency

  • Excellent command of the English language (C1 level)
  • Basic skills in German (A1 or A2 level)
    All of our international students have to take German as second foreign language. Mandatory for earning credit points (so called ECTS) towards the Bachelor's degree is the successful completion of language classes at B1 and B2 level preferably within the first three semesters. Students without any prior knowledge may indeed start at the beginner's level, but the language classes A1 and A2 would be on a voluntary basis. Consequently, those students will not be able to complete the language requirements for the second foreign language until the end of their third semester, and would have to continue with German after the time abroad. Therefore, we strongly suggest having basic German language skills before the start of your studies. If you are already proficient in the German language (at least completed level B2), you have to choose another second foreign language, e.g. Spanish, Italian or French.

Postal address for mailing documents:

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg
Georg Simon Ohm
For Courier Services
Technische Hochschule Nürnberg
Georg Simon Ohm
D-90121 Nuernberg
Prinzregentenufer 41
D-90489 Nuernberg

Contact person for questions:

Stefanie Bartenstein

Inquiries via e-mail: ib-bachelor-ib[at]th-nuernberg.de

Inquiries via telephone: 0049-(0)911-5880-2888 (Tuesday 9:30-11:30 h and Thursday 13:00-14:00 h)