This synthesis laboratory is set up in the same way as the KT 124 laboratory, but with additional equipment to enable more demanding syntheses to be performed. For example, a photoreactor for light-induced reactions, a hydrogenation plant, and a glove-box in which oxygen- and moisture-sensitive reactions can be carried out under exclusion of air are available here. For the purification of manufactured substances, distillations can be carried out in a spherical tube furnace. Alternatively, a UV-controlled flash chromatograph is available. If distillations at high vacuum are necessary, several mobile pump stands are available.

The synthesized compounds can be analysed in the laboratory by means of FT infrared spectroscopy, a refractometer, a polarimeter, melting point determination, and thin layer chromatography.

Due to the technical possibilities, this laboratory is ideally suited for advanced laboratory training, further research work (bachelor’s and master’s theses), and third-party funded projects on behalf of companies.