Research and development in the Biochemistry laboratory

Further information about our research and development can be found here.

The location of the Biochemistry laboratories

The Biochemistry laboratories are located in the following rooms:

KT 322  Characterization of Active Ingredients/Protein Isolation

KT 323  Preparation/Protein Expression

KT 324 Biochemistry laboratory

KT 301  Office of Prof. Ronald Ebbert

Courses in Biochemistry

Modules offered in the bachelor’s degree programme:

  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Biology
  • Biochemistry for Advanced Students

Modules offered in the Master’s degree programme:

  • Diagnostics and Forensics
  • White Biotechnology
  • Genetics and Cell Biology
  • Chemistry of Active Substances

A description of the modules can be found in the Module Handbook for the Bachelor’s degree programme: