The laboratory for NMR spectroscopy is equipped with an Agilent/Varian 400MHz NMR spectrometer
with an Oxford AS-400 actively shielded 9.4 Tesla superconducting
magnet and an ATB multi-probe head for 1D and 2D experiments. The
1H, 13C, 19F cores are measured by default. Optionally, the device can be converted to carry out measurements of the
15N and 31P cores. To guarantee a high sample throughput,
the NMR spectrometer is additionally equipped with a 12-position

  • Oxford 9,4 Tesla Magnet mit Varian 400MHz Konsole (Foto: Fr. Dr. Rölfing)
  • Magnet mit 12‐Positionen‐Autosampler (Foto: Fr. Dr. Rölfing)

The NMR spectrometer is used for standard structure elucidation within the
bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Preparative Organic Chemistry and for various
research projects in the context of bachelor’s and master’s theses and master’s

The Organic chemistry laboratory also offers partners from industry the opportunity to
commission NMR spectroscopic investigations in the form of small service orders and cooperation
projects. Please send any enquiries to
Prof. Jens Pesch.