For an ideal start to your studies: Preliminary courses at the University of Applied Sciences

Bridging courses

A solid basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, and English is also essential in order to carry out scientific work in applied chemistry.
Experience has shown that for first-year students, the university’s requirements in these basic subjects are often an obstacle that limit their success.

That is why the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Humanities at Nuremberg Tech offers bridging courses in mathematics, physics, and English during the summer before the degree programmes begin, for all those who wish to prepare for the lectures. Further information is available here...

New! - Preliminary course in Mathematics and Physics for individuals with vocational qualifications

This is a 10-week intensive course in the subjects of mathematics and physics.

This course should be particularly beneficial to master craftsmen and individuals with vocational qualifications who have decided to study at the Nuremberg Tech, as it will help them compensate for deficits in these two subjects and therefore make the transition to university somewhat easier.