In addition to the equipment listed above, the laboratory naturally contains the usual equipment for sample preparation and for basic laboratory operations, such as drying cabinets, rotary evaporators, fume cupboards, pH electrodes, centrifuges, etc.

An overview of our laboratory equipment:


  • HPLC 2695 (Waters) with photodiode array detector

  • HPLC 2695 (Waters) with dual wavelength detector and charged aerosol detector

  • HPLC Merck Hitachi 655A with UV detector

  • SQ mass spectrometer, Micromass

  • GC-FID HP5971 and GC-FID YL6100 GC with autosampler and different column types

  • GC-MS Perkin Elmer 560D

  • ICP-OES Thermo iCAP 6300 Duo

  • Ion chromatograph Dionex DX-120

  • Ion chromatograph Eppendorf IC2001

  • Kjeldahl apparatus, Gerhardt company, Vapodest-30

  • Thin-layer chromatography, spotter and scanner, CamagTLC3

  • Photometer, single-beam and double-beam devices and fibre-optic immersion cuvette

  • Karl Fischer titrator, Mettler Toledo DL38

  • Grain size distribution with Mastersizer 2000, Malvern Instruments

  • Measuring stations for electroanalytical measurements: Potentiometric electrodes, conductometer, polarograph