Research and Development in the Physical chemistry laboratory

The Physical chemistry laboratory has been carrying out third-party funded projects on behalf of companies for more than ten years.

More complex tasks are handled as research and development projects in the laboratories of Nuremberg Tech. Students work on these projects as part of their practical semester or their final thesis.

Simpler tasks are carried out within the scope of measurement assignments (service measurements) or simple investigations. If required, students are also involved in such tasks.

The Physical chemistry laboratory concentrates on the characterization of material systems and the construction of suitable measurement set-ups. It supports companies in product developments based on low-melting thermoplastics, reactive resins, paraffins, emulsions, or suspensions. Examples of these include creams, coating systems, wax inks, and coloured pencil leads.

The main specialization of third-party funded projects in recent years has been on

  • complex material systems (paraffins, reactive resins, low-melting thermoplastics)
  • Emulsions and suspensions
  • Thermodynamic property values of fluid systems

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