Research and development in the Analytical biochemistry laboratory

Further information about our research and development can be found here.

Location of the Analytical biochemistry laboratory

The Analytical biochemistry laboratory is located in the following rooms:

KT 104 Analytical biochemistry and microbiology laboratory

KT 106 Cell culture laboratory

KT 107 Preparation

KT 214 Office of Prof. Ralf Lösel

KT 210 Mass Spectrometry: LC-QToF and MALDI

Courses in Analytical Biochemistry

Modules offered in the bachelor’s degree programme:

  • Bioanalytics
  • Immunochemistry
  • Toxicology

Modules offered in the Master’s degree programme:

  • Analytics
  • Diagnostics and Forensics
  • White Biotechnology: Chemical Application of Enzymes
  • Chemistry of Active Substances: Pharmacology
  • Cell Culture Technology
  • Genetics and Cell Biology

The module descriptions can be found in the Module Handbook of the respective bachelor’s or master’s degree programme.