Research and development in Inorganic chemistry laboratory 1

The Inorganic chemistry laboratory 1 carries out research and development tasks in cooperation with industrial partners and other universities. Opportunities for cooperation take the form of joint research and development projects, services, consulting, final theses (bachelor’s/master’s theses), and further education opportunities.

Areas of research in inorganic chemistry that have practical relevance:

Inorganic synthesis:

  • The development of new synthesis routes for inorganic molecules, complex compounds, and solids, together with the further development of existing routes
  • The synthesis of compounds on a milligram and gram scale
  • Custom synthesis for internal and external cooperation and projects
  • Silicon chemistry (silanes, siloxanes, silicates, silicones, silicon structures)

Chemical development of inorganic materials:

  • Cooperation with companies and research institutions in the development of new materials and precursors
  • Development of structure-property relationships for inorganic materials and precursors (“From molecule to material”)
  • Design and synthesis of inorganic nano- and composite materials

Your point of contact for any questions

We look forward to supporting you in your research and development projects and are happy to place our laboratory equipment and chemical expertise at your disposal. Please contact Prof. Dennis Troegel if you are interested in a cooperation or have any questions.