Research and development in the Analytical biochemistry laboratory

The Bioanalytics laboratory is involved in several projects at the interface between biochemistry, analytics, and pharmacology. Opportunities for cooperation take the form of joint research and development projects, services, consulting, and final theses (bachelor’s/master’s theses).

Fields of research in Analytical Biochemistry:


  • The development of novel active ingredients to protect cells and tissues from ischemic damage

  • The optimization of drug delivery systems

  • Investigation into the effect of pharmaceuticals on cultured cells (an alternative method to animal testing)

  • Analytical proof of successful pathogen inactivation in blood preparations for transfusion

  • The characterization of the interaction of receptors with other proteins, depending on the ligand


Furthermore, additional projects are carried out with partners from industry, which are, however, subject to secrecy for reasons of patent law, among others, and cannot be presented here.


Your point of contact for any questions

We are happy to support you with our extensive laboratory infrastructure and our expertise in your research and development projects. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Prof. Ralf Lösel at any time.