Laboratory equipment in the Physical chemistry laboratories

KT 206 Physical chemistry laboratory


Physical chemistry

  • Adsorption apparatus for determining the specific surface area of disperse solids using the BET method
    (self-developed equipment)
  • LUMiSizer analytical centrifuge
    (Determining the stability of dispersions and suspensions, determination of the particle
    size distribution, temperature range: 4-60 °C)
  • Pocket Dyne BP2100 Bubble pressure tensiometer
    (measurement of the dynamic surface tension)
  • DMA 4500 density meter
    (measurement range: 0-3 g/cm³; resolution: 0.0005; temperature range: 10-90 °C)
  • Abbemat WR refractometer
    (measurement range: 1.30-1.72 nD; resolution: 0.000001 nD; temperature range: 10-70 °C)
  • K100C tensiometer
    (Measurement of static surface tension and wetting tension)
  • Circulating apparatus for measuring vapour-liquid equilibria
  • Ubbelohde DC 15 viscometer
    (kinematic viscosity of Newtonian fluids or viscosity number of polymer solutions)
  • C200 combustion calorimeter (for liquid and solid samples)

KT 208 Furnace Chamber

  • Heating ovens (type 6060 from Heraeus) for the thermal ageing of plastics in the temperature range: RT - 250 °C
  • Programmable lab oven (Memmert) for the temperature range: RT - 250 °C
  • Vacuum drying oven (made by Precison) for the drying of materials
  • Climatic cabinet (Binder company) for the goal-oriented adjustment of temperature and air humidity

KT 209 Research & Development

Two MCR 301 rheometers - Air-bearing rheometers with a large number of different measuring configurations:

  • Peltier temperature chamber for cone and plate measuring systems;
    tempering range: -40-200 °C; high heating and cooling rates;
    wide application range: greases, cosmetics, food...
  • Electrical tempering chamber for cone and plate measuring systems;
    tempering range: RT - 400 °C; suitable for measurements on polymer melts, hot glues, resins. etc.
  • Cylinder measuring systems / double gap; tempering range: -20-200 °C; suitable for filled and unfilled low-viscosity liquids
  • Tempering chamber with convection heating and solid state clamping device; temperature range: 20-450 °C; suitable for dynamic-mechanical measurements on solids
  • UV chamber with HI-Power LEDs (450 nm);
    proprietary design; suitable for UV-sensitive reactive resins
  • Dynamic differential calorimeter (DSC 204 Phoenix, Netzsch) for thermal analysis of chemical reactions (e.g. cross-linking processes) and physical processes (e.g. specific evaporation enthalpy) in the temperature range of -170-500 °C
  • Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC 30, Mettler Toledo) for the thermal analysis of chemical reactions and physical processes in the temperature range of -170-500 °C
  • Thermobalance (TG 50, Mettler Toledo) for the thermal stability of substances and materials in the temperature range from room temperature to 600 °C
  • Apparatus (own construction) for the dynamic measurement of the vapour pressure of liquids within the temperature range of -40-150 °C
  • Apparatus for measuring the vapour pressure as a function of the isothermally evaporating mass fraction
  • Apparatus for measuring gas solubility in the pressure range 0-2 bar and -10-100 °C