Research and Development in the Organic chemistry laboratory

Further information about our research and development can be found here.

The location of the Organic Chemistry laboratories

The Organic Chemistry laboratories are located in the following rooms:

KT 124    Synthesis laboratory I
KT 125    Preparation room and Office
KT 126    Synthesis laboratory II
KT 127    Process control and structure elucidation laboratory
KT 005a  NMR Spectroscopy laboratory

KT 116    Office of Prof. Heuser
KT 114    Office of Prof. Pesch

Course components in Organic Chemistry

Modules offered in the bachelor’s degree programme:

  • Basics of Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Synthesis Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry and Analytics 1
  • Organic Chemistry and Analytics 2
  • Aspects of the Scale-up of Batch Processes
  • Determining Molecular Structures by Spectroscopic Methods

Modules offered in the Master’s degree programme:

  • Fundamentals and Modern Applications of Catalysis
  • Special Synthesis Methods in Organic Chemistry
  • Modern Chemical Methods for Sustainable Production, Storage and Use of Renewable Energies
  • Chemistry of Active Substances

The module descriptions can be found in the Module Handbook of the respective degree programme: