The Biochemistry laboratory offers you a comprehensive range of equipment for carrying out your research assignments

The Biochemistry laboratory has a wide range of laboratory equipment at its disposal for our main areas of research, the identification of active substances and the quantification of the effects of test substances, as well as for the production of genetically modified fungi or bacteria as test strains or for protein production. These are used to process research assignments.

Test development/substance characterization/automation:

- Fully automated workstation for performing tests in microtiter plates:

  • Biotek Synergy 2 multifunctional MTP reader
  • Biotek Precision XS Automatic Pipettor
  • Robot arm with MTP bearing Caliper Twister II

- 2 MTP-Fluorimeter/Luminometer Thermo Fluoroscan Ascent

- Automatic dispenser for MTPs Thermo Multidrop 384

- Automatic 8-channel pipettes, Multipette pipetting devices, etc.

Genetic engineering/ strain design/ cultivation

- Fully equipped genetic engineering laboratory S1 (thermocycler, autoclavesincubators, safety workbench, video doc, electrophoresis, centrifuges, etc.)

- Roche Lightcycler 1.5 Quantitative PCR

- Sartorius Biostat A laboratory fermenter with automated sampling

- Analytical/ preparative Gilson HPLC with Agilent diode array detector

Protein expression

- Cell disruption devices (Biospec Bead Beater, Branson Sonifier, homogenizers)

- 2 BioLogic LP low pressure protein chromatography systems from Bio-Rad, with instrument refrigerator

- Standard equipment for protein biochemistry (gel electrophoresis, western blot etc.)