Research and development in the Analytical chemistry laboratory

Further information about our research and development can be found here.

The location of the Analytical chemistry laboratories

The Analytical chemistry rooms are located on the second floor:

KT 224 UV/VIS and DC laboratory
KT 225 Preparation
KT 226 QAC laboratory
KT 227 GC- and GCMS laboratory and Voltammetry
KT 228 Office
KT 229 Liquid Chromatography
KT 230 Trace Analysis and Particle Size Determination

Courses in Analytical Chemistry

Modules offered in the bachelor’s degree programme:

  • Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis

Modules offered in the Master’s degree programme:

  • Analytics


The description of the modules can be found in the Module Handbook of the respective bachelor’s and master’s degree programme.