Research and development in the Organic chemistry laboratory

The Organic chemistry laboratory is involved in numerous research and development projects in industry. Opportunities for cooperation are offered within the framework of joint research and development projects, service contracts, or bachelor’s and master’s theses.

The main research areas in organic chemistry

Active ingredient design

  • Cooperations with research-based pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies in the development of active substances
  • Consulting in the field of medicinal chemistry for start-ups and small and medium-sized companies (QSAR, virtual screening, structure-activity relationships, optimization of actives and hits)
  • The creation and validation of new QSAR models
  • The design and synthesis of focused substance libraries

Organic synthesis and analytics

  • The synthesis of compounds on the mg to kg scale
  • The development of novel synthesis routes and multi-stage synthesis processes
  • The optimization of synthesis routes and steps
  • Chemical process development
  • The structural elucidation of small molecules
  • Analysis using HPLC and GC/GC-MS
  • Preparative HPLC purifications

Your point of contact for any questions

Prof. Heuser is available as contact person for any questions regarding cooperations and research.

Research projects and cooperation partners of the Organic chemistry laboratory


  • Synthesis of vitamin B6 (BASF, Ludwigshafen)


  • Synthesis developments for generics (Excella, Feucht)