"The study program IBT Plus offers an unique opportunity to get to know the work, life and culture in a foreign country. The experiences you gain during the two semesters abroad bring you on both personally and professionally."

                                                                                  -- Miriam (22) from Germany

In addition to the regular seven-semester International Business and Technology program we offer an eight-semester study option International Business and Technology Plus. The study option includes one compulsory year abroad, consisting of an international internship of 20 weeks and a study semester at one of our partner universities. Therefore, the study option especially fits to students who want to give the international component of their studies more importance.

The international internship of the degree program should bring students closer to the job requirements of organizations and companies, deepen their knowledge of international business and/or engineering activities, and provide them with valuable professional skills. Additionally, the study semester abroad will be an exciting opportunity to explore different approaches in management and/or engineering and to benefit from additional electives, preferably in the technical focus chosen at Nuremberg Tech. While working and studying abroad, students obtain soft skills, such as the ability to work in international teams. Language skills can be further developed. The global network students build up creates more value – professionally as well as personally. Thus, IBT Plus strengthens the international orientation of the degree program. Graduates of the IBT Plus study option are even more able to face the challenges that come along with an international and multinational working environment.

The curriculums of IBT and IBT Plus are identical for the first five semesters. The studies begin with foundation courses in International Business, Accounting, Law, Mathematics, Physics and two foreign business languages. From semester three on, students are required to choose a technical focus: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Natural Sciences. Besides the engineering lectures, they continue with business courses. Students of the IBT Plus study option preferably spend the sixth semester at a company outside of Germany, and the seventh semester at one of our IBT Plus partner universities. The internship and the study semester abroad comprise a total of 60 ECTS. At least 30 out of these 60 ECTS have to include a technical aspect. In addition to a technical project work and further focus electives, students have to write their Bachelor's Thesis in semester eight.

All business courses are lectured in English; technology-related lectures/seminars are taught in English during the first two semesters, and afterwards in German. IBT Plus has a standard study duration of 8 semesters and will be rewarded with 240 ECTS.


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Curriculum IBT Plus

Internship Abroad

One of the best ways to get professional experience outside of the university is to perform an internship. The internship semester abroad is an integral part of the IBT Plus study option and provides valuable on-the-job experience. Students acquire insight into internationally operating companies and apply theoretical knowledge to day-to-day business situations. They have the opportunity to work alongside experienced Managers or engineers from all over the world or find out if their inclinations match the demands of this particular industry. On top, the internship provides the students with beneficial contacts. It means a significant contribution to the student's personal and professional development and enhances his/her employment prospects.

IBT Plus students are free to do the internship either in the business field or in their technical area of focus. It is recommended to do the internship in the technical field to meet the ECTS requirements.


Semester Abroad

The study semester abroad provides an exciting opportunity to gain insight into different approaches to Management and/or engineering studies as well as to experience life in a different society and culture. Students of the IBT Plus program can choose from all partner universities of the Faculty of Business Administration.

When choosing a partner university, it is important to consider where technical ECTS can also be earned to meet the ECTS requirements.

Furthermore, studying abroad enables students to expand their individual schedules by a range of new subjects and to gain a new perspective on the focus chosen.

If courses at the partner university are offered in Spanish or French, language knowledge equivalent to a successfully completed B2 level is required.

You may choose from any of the partner universities of the Faculty of Business Administration, but you should make sure that you can take courses from both Business and Engineering Faculties in order to fulfill the ECTS requirements.

Courses at the partner institutions are often taught in English. In Latin America or Spain, however, courses are offered in Spanish only.


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Partner Universities of Faculty of Business Administration

In the fourth semester, IBT students must decide whether to continue with the seven-semester program or enroll in IBT Plus. Transfer to the study option occurs by the end of the fifth semester.

All relevant information about prerequisites as well as the registration process will be provided by the IBT Office during the fourth semester.

Impressions from Abroad

  • Internship at IMS Gear, Mexico
  • Internship at Mercedes Benz, France
  • Internship at Rolls Royce, England
  • Internship at Siemens, Dubai