Prof. Ramin Tavakoli Kolagari

  • Professor in the teaching and research field of software development for safe and autonomous vehicle systems
  • Head of the Automotive software lab
  • Expert for EAST-ADL, Chair of the international EAST-ADL Association
  • Use of AUTOSAR methods and tools
  • Supervising multiple consortial doctoral candidates
  • Use of innovative teaching formats, e.g. inverted classroom, just-in-time teaching


Please only book meetings via the Planner. Please do not request meetings via email. You will also find the link to the meeting room in MS Teams in the planner.

Doctoral candidates

Research associate since June 2020

  • Research focus: Safety and security in machine learning
  • Further development of the Security Abstraction Model (SAM)
  • Support in the acquisition of grant funds for automotive industry-oriented research
  • Automotive software lab contact

    Research associate since March 2023

    • Associate in the fully automated shunting engine project
    • Research focus: Adversarial examples for tests for approving object recognition systems
    • Producing robustness tests for an autonomous shunting engine based on adversarial examples
    • Concept for interpreting the position of a train in a track network
    • Reproduction of sensor communication in a simulation environment

    Master of Applied Research

    Master’s student since March 2022.

    • Student assistant in the fully automatic shunting engine project
    • Research focus: Adversarial examples as an approach for robustness tests for LiDAR object recognition systems

    Master’s student since March 2022.

    • Associate in the OHMetaRunner project 
    • Research focus: Implementation of a meta-learning algorithm for lane assistance
    • Development of an autonomous robotic platform for evaluating ML algorithms 
    • Concept for developing a lane assistant using meta-learning

    Master’s student since March 2023.

    • Student assistant in the VALISENS project
    • Research focus: Comparison of synthetic and real RGB sensor data in the field of autonomous driving

    Former research associates

    Dr Markus Zoppelt

    • Dissertation title: Software Security Design for Cyber-Physical Systems
    • IT security for highly automated, autonomous, and networked driving
    • Applicability of (t,m) password-hardened encryption (PHE) services
    • Supporting teaching in the field of autonomous model vehicles



    Hinnerk Müller

    Research associate since April 2021 to June 2022

    • Associate in the fully automated shunting engine project
    • Research focus: Application of Explainable Artificial Intelligence techniques for testing the robustness of autonomous systems

    Rebecca Ernesti

    Team assistant from 2017 to 2021