This lab is intended to be used for the purposes of investigating the following subject areas:

  • Considering smart devices, including for example mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), embedded systems in household appliances, and computers in vehicles, as well as microcomputers such as smart cards.
  • Using sensors that record the user’s environmental conditions (the context). Here, the spatial position and current time are taken into consideration as the essential context information, meaning that position sensors (GPS, indoor position determination) are especially important.
  • Considering safety aspects: new technologies are involved in the areas of privacy and personal data in very specific ways. It is therefore particularly important to consider safety concepts.
  • Communication and networks: future smart devices, sensors, and new services will be available on a distributed basis. Aspects of computer communication, specifically concepts such as ad hoc networking are therefore becoming more important.
  • Processing context-specific data (e.g. geo data)
  • Self-localisation and robotics: Mobile systems can use various sensors to determine their position within a room, model their environment, plan movements, and navigate to destinations.

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr. Jörg Roth

Prof. Dr. Peter Trommler


Dipl.-Math. Thomas Strickroth