The Automotive Software Lab located at Ostendstr. 82b is designed to give students an insight into the software systems currently being developed for cars or, more generally, embedded systems. To do this, the lab has software licenses for programs also used by renowned car manufacturers. The software is regularly updated so that students can work with the latest technology.<br/>In addition, there is also a range of hardware, for example circuit boards, that can be used to flash and test self-written source code. Students learn how to use the software and hardware during the master’s courses. <br/><br/>In the Automotive software lab, we also have several assembly kits for model vehicles, which are assembled and programmed by bachelor’s students studying autonomous vehicles as part of a course. The goal is to participate in the international NXP Cup, with the best teams from the course given the opportunity to represent Nuremberg Tech.<br/><br/>What is more, the Automotive software lab is also home to a 3D printer that students can use for their projects (note: use of the 3D printer is subject to lab access and a safety briefing).<br/><br/>Students can also borrow a range of books on various subjects from electrical engineering to machine learning and security from the Automotive software lab.  

The Automotive software lab also has facilities for independent work: all students taking one of the courses held here or working on a final thesis or IT project under the supervision of Prof. Ramin Tavakoli Kolagari or Prof. Friedhelm Stappert can apply for access to the lab to carry out their work. To access the lab, all students must undergo a safety briefing. Your initial point of contact for any queries about the lab is Matthias Bergler. The booking plan gives you a convenient view of whether the room is free or booked.


The IN-SIG-embedded (Informatics Special Interest Group for Embedded Systems) is a mailing list for those interested in all things to do with embedded systems, including, for example, automotive. 
By signing up to the mailing list, you will receive information every now and then on university news, articles, papers, etc. from the field of embedded systems.

Students working on an IT project or final thesis with Prof. Tavakoli Kolagari are recommended to join the IN-SIG-embedded mailing list.

Furthermore, we suggest that all students working in the Automotive software lab sign up to the mailing list as this is also the way that we send information about the lab, for example booking plans.

To sign up to the mailing list, please email a request to Professor Tavakoli.

The research group with the BMW i3 research vehicle

Research vehicle

The AS2E research group has had access to a BMW i3 since November 2018. This electric vehicle acts as a research medium for many doctorates as well as a platform for student projects and, like the Automotive Software Lab, is located at Ostendstraße 82b. The vehicle is used for the following investigations:

  • Vehicle software penetration tests
  • Decrypting and sniffing out secrets about various protocols, for example
    • CAN (Controller Area Network)
    • ISO-TP (ISO Transport Layer)
    • UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services)
    • ENET OBD (On-Board Diagnostics)
    • SOME/IP (Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP)
  • Investigating remote keyless entry
  • Other research work

The contact person for topics related to the BMW i3 is Professor Tavakoli.