There are numerous definitions of “Business Intelligence”. One of these is:
“Business Intelligence (BI) refers to an integrated, company-specific, IT-based overall approach to operational decision support” [1].
The tools and applications available in the Business Intelligence lab are used for various purposes, including in the following courses:
Introduction to Business Intelligence (subject-specific elective: Bachelor’s degree programme)
Fuzzy sets and fuzzy systems (subject-specific elective: Master’s degree programme)
The laboratory is primarily but not exclusively aimed at students taking the Information Systems and Management degree programme.

[1] Kemper, Hans-Georg; Baars, Henning; Mehanna, Walid (2010): Business Intelligence - Grundlagen und praktische Anwendungen. Eine Einführung in die IT-basierte Managementunterstützung. [Business Intelligence – Basics and practical applications. An introduction to IT-based management support.] 3rd, revised and extended edition. Wiesbaden. Available online at


Professor Dr. Peter Rausch


Michael Stumpf