We want to shape the subject of “Software development of modern vehicle systems” in the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. We see modern vehicle systems as intelligent, reliable, safe, and networked software systems within cars.

Using technical engineering knowledge in the field of automotive software development, we are able to generate new concepts, and methods. We have been able to use these to support the implementation of demonstrably more reliable vehicle software systems.

Our way of working is based on the guiding principle of interdisciplinary collaboration, specifically with engineers, legal practitioners, and technological ethicists. In addition, we collaborate internationally with universities and partners from the vehicle and software industry.

In our study programmes and teaching, we offer solid education that provides our students with in-depth knowledge and complete insight into the world of automotive software engineering. This education gives our students the skills needed to develop solutions to complex problems in research and practice on a process-oriented basis. Through blended learning, we strive to provide our students with knowledge across all media. Furthermore, with our service learning approach, we endeavour to encourage our students to engage in the community.