Photo: Toni Hinterholzinger (Nuremberg University of Music)

LEONARDO Spirio Sessions: Artistic creativity

Can artificial intelligence collaborate with humans in creative processes at the same level? What would this collaboration look like? These complex questions form the basis for the research conducted by academics at Nuremberg Tech and Nuremberg University of Music as part of an interdisciplinary project funded by LEONARDO - Center for Creativity and Innovation.

The interdisciplinary music research conducted by Nuremberg University of Music involves collaboration with Nuremberg Tech academics specializing in machine learning. The focus of this collaboration will be on developing “artificial creativity”: the interaction between human musicians and innovative musical instruments and artificial intelligence.

The joint project is also linked to the creation of a professorship in “Artificial Creativity and Musical Interaction” at the University of Music that was an additional benefit resulting from the AI competition run by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

The “centerpiece” of this joint research project, the Steinway & Sons Spirio R self-playing piano, an analogue-digital hybrid instrument, is also of particular interest. The academics hope to use the instrument not only to gain data-based insights into musical interpretation but also particularly to research the possibilities of an interface with artificial intelligence.

The project can now also be seen in the media, e.g.:

Project start/end

June 2020 - December 2021 (prov.)



Prof. Martin Ullrich
(professorship for interdisciplinary music research, Nuremberg University of Music)

Prof. Korbinian Riedhammer
(Machine Learning, Speech recognition and comprehension)

Dr. Sebastian Trump
Artistic-scientific assistant, LEONARDO)



The project is funded through LEONARDO - Center for Creativity and Innovation.