Social Work: Lifelong Education

The degree programme in Lifelong Education is aimed at educators or child care workers and is designed for those already in employment.

The demands of educational work have become significantly more stringent across all areas of education. Challenges, such as those posed by migration, inclusion, and education “from the very start” lead to a growing need for highly qualified teaching staff. This includes dealing competently with the social environment of children and young people, their families, the school, and other partners, as well as the professional management and quality assurance within their own institution. The degree programme addresses all of these requirements by taking existing qualifications and the knowledge gained on the job and further developing them on an academic basis in close connection with their professional practice.



Degree:Bachelor of Arts
Program duration:8 semesters
Admission restrictions:

Numerus Clausus

Minimum GPAs for the previous semester (in German)

Language of instruction:German
Subject distribution:foundation in human sciences and ethics and methodological principles (18.0%), organization, management, and practical research (18.0%), “early education” or “childhood and youth” specialization (21.0%), “adult and family education” specialization (21.0%), theory-practice transfer (22.0%)
Special features:
  • Part-time degree programme for educators or child care professionals
  • Recognition of the first two semesters due to having obtained a degree from a Technical Academy for Social Education
  • Special “lifelong...” focus
Unlike many other degree programmes for educators or child care professionals, the Lifelong Education part-time degree programme does not just specialize in early childhood education. Depending on the chosen specialization, we also focus on children aged 6 and above, young people, and adults.
There are three main considerations for this concept:
  1. Educational work is always shared work throughout the entire life of a person, covering their upbringing and their educational development. Working with children therefore also involves working with parents and guardians. And it is not only where particular challenges, such as migration or disability, are present that it is necessary to react to the counseling and educational needs of the participating adults.
  2. The teaching field has become extremely varied and covers early education, nurseries, youth work, the provision of residential support to children and young persons, and special education. We aim to meet requirements across this entire range.
  3. The decision to pursue a part-time degree programme for professionals also means that students are taking a conscious step towards improving their own educational development. Alongside an interest in underpinning the qualifications used in their day-to-day work and establishing the formal basis for the next steps in their career, students may also commence a degree programme in the hope of switching to a different field of work. By focusing on lifelong education, the degree programme offers students the opportunity to gain credentials in early education and in other educational disciplines. Rather than focusing on just one area of education, our degree programme allows for a great deal of flexibility when selecting specializations, which introduces a diverse range of professional experiences and interests and goes on to provide a wide array of career options.
Facts and figures:The Lifelong Education part-time degree programme has been available since the 2010/2011 winter semester.
Admission semester:Winter semester
Beginning in the summer semester is only possible for transfer students starting at a higher semester (application period: 15 November – 15 January)
Application period:For the winter semester: 02.05.2021 to 15.07.2021
Faculty:Social Sciences
Follow-on degree programmes:Social Work (M.A.)
Counseling and Coaching (M.A.)


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For more detailed information see the German page for the programme. There you'll also find information on prospective careers as well as tools and resources to assist you, if you are not sure if Social Work: Lifelong Education is the right degree programme for you.


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