Logo of the Joint Academic Partnership - Health

The institutions supporting the Joint Academic Partnership are the University of Augsburg, the Coburg University of Applied Sciences, the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm, and the University of Regensburg, which is also the host university.

Many other Bavarian universities are also involved.

The Joint Academic Partnership - Health promotes consortial doctorates at Bavarian universities of applied sciences and universities in the following subject focus areas:

  • Medical technology and medical informatics,
  • Biomedicine,
  • Materials and active ingredients,
  • Health promotion and prevention,
  • Care and rehabilitation,
  • Health management and health economics, and
  • Medical ethics and law.

The Joint Academic Partnership offers its doctoral members access to select events at participating universities. It also supports them by organising its own supplementary events and by providing subsidies for the costs of materials, e.g. for trips to conferences.

A further task of the Joint Academic Partnership is to support the initiation of consortial doctoral projects in the above-mentioned subject areas, for example through networking meetings.

Participating universities and doctoral members of the Joint Academic Partnership have the opportunity to help design its services through the committees. The structures provided for this purpose are described in the Rules of Procedure.

Point of contact at the Faculty of Social Sciences:

Prof. Ruth Limmer


If you are interested in admission to the Joint Academic Partnership, please contact the Coordinating Body:

Dr Sarah Schmid, Coordinator

University of Regensburg
Centre for the Promotion of Junior Researchers
BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership - Health
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

Tel.: 0941 / 943 – 5548