View of the 4th floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences

The goal of the degree programmes in the Faculty of Social Sciences is to help students develop their knowledge, competences, and skills in the field of social work to become capable and responsible professionals able to work well in all fields of social work. The degree programmes are conceptualised according to the demands of a profession that is active in environments and in social settings that are perpetually changing.

The aim of the courses is to assist students in developing the capacity to work as independent professionals who base their actions on scientific insight and methods in the various fields of social work. The large variety of classes and modules offers the chance to integrate individual interests, affinities, and capabilities and to shape possible professional profiles.

The programme is organised into thematic sections, which supports interdisciplinarity and communication. The practice placements and project work integrated into the programmes are focused on transferring theoretical knowledge into practical action. Reflecting on one’s own action forms an integral part of the curriculum.

The intense communication with social agencies, organisations, and institutions ensures the practical relevance of the courses. Adjunct teaching staff make a significant contribution to the practical relevance of the degree programme. Cooperation with universities in Europe and a variety of placement offers from abroad opens the course to include international and intercultural dimensions of social work.

There are currently around 1500 study places in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Approximately 370 students begin each year. The Faculty has 34 professors and four lecturers, in addition to adjunct teaching staff from the various fields of social work.



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