Have you studied or taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology?

Then you are on exactly the right page. We are always happy for former members of our Faculty to stay in contact with us.

Whether you are a former student or lecturer, the Faculty offers a range of networking opportunities and services for its alumni:

  • Our Alumni Network allows you to stay in contact with fellow former students, or to search for them if you have lost contact and wish to become reacquainted. Of course, the Alumni Network can also be used to make new contacts. You can stay in touch with your university via our mailing list, in order to receive invitations or information from time to time.
  • Our Alumni Newsletter will keep you regularly informed about what’s new at the Faculty, be it new degree programmes with the possibility of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree, conferences, congresses, or research and development activities.
  • Our service page also provides you with an overview of job and career opportunities at the university, events, and professional development opportunities that may be useful for progressing your career, as well as direct and easy access to the Faculty’s databases. And finally:
  • Our donations page allows you to support your university financially to achieve a variety of objectives that cannot be financed under the regular budget.


What benefits does the Alumni Network offer?

Wouldn’t you like to keep in touch with some of your fellow students once your studies are over? “What is ... doing nowadays?” This is where the Alumni Network can help. You can search for specific acquaintances and friends. Maybe even a bit of nostalgia...

You will see – contacts made during your studies may prove to be valuable throughout your working life. “Oh look, ... works for ... now – I should mention that, since I wanted to talk to him/her anyway ...”. Relationships pay off.

You will occasionally receive information and invitations from your Faculty (formerly department): Invitation to the graduation ceremony – not just for recent graduates. “I could go back there one day...” Lectures on the topic of ... “Sounds interesting, we're working on that topic at the moment, let's see what other people have to say about it..."


Perhaps you feel the need to give back a little of the knowledge, skills, insights and – last but not least – personal development you acquired during your time at university. We would be grateful if you would support our work ideologically, morally, and also financially with a small (or even slightly larger) contribution, in order to support projects at the university that cannot be covered by current state funding. This will help us to significantly improve the quality of the education we can offer to our students in the academic, cultural, and social areas.

Here you will find information on how best to get in touch with our point of contact in Faculty office I, Ms Vivienne Talarczyk.