The team of the Faculty of Social Sciences welcomes you at Nuremberg Institute of Technology. We are pleased that you are interested in our student exchange programme. You will find further information about the following here:

  • our study programs
  • our 30 ECTS programme for international students
  • the support for international students

A semester in Nuremberg will offer you experience with social work in Germany and a chance to get to know the German education system, culture and tradition.

The academic year at our university, as at most German universities, is divided into two terms: the so-called "Wintersemester" (winter term) and the so-called "Sommersemester" (summer term). The winter term begins at the beginning of October and ends in the middle of March of the following year. The summer term begins in mid-March and ends on 30 September. However, the lecture periods run only from mid-October until mid-January (winter term) and mid-March until the end of June (summer term). Each lecture period is followed by an examination period for all written exams. The remaining time is the semester break (so-called "Vorlesungsfreie Zeit"), which is intended for writing papers, doing project work, etc.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to meeting you in Nuremberg!