TriP - Trialogue in practice Peer counseling in social psychiatric institutions

In the “TriP - Trialogue in practice” project peer counseling by people affected by mental health issues and family members in social psychiatric institutions in Lower Franconia. Trialogue refers to a learning exchange between people who have received psychiatric treatment as experts by experience, psychiatric professionals as experts by training, and family members. The trialogue concept and peer counseling is being tested in numerous stationary and ambulant social-psychiatric facilities in Germany. People who have experience in psychiatric treatment and family members are prepared in a one-year training that follows the certified concept from Ex-In Deutschland e.V. for their activity as peer support workers . Around 50 facilities in Lower Franconia have future access to trained peer support workers.

The project investigated which framework conditions could be identified that were conducive to the use of peer counseling in social-psychiatric facilities. Furthermore, the project explored what the typical expectations and difficulties accompanied the integration of peer counseling (e.g. usefulness and advantages of peer counseling and/or structural problems, role conflicts, fears, and concerns) and how the facilities constructively managed the challenges.

(Duration: 1 May 2016 - 31 Dec 2018)