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Logo des Verbundkollegs Sozialer Wandel

The institutions supporting the Joint Academic Partnership are Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, and the Catholic Foundation of Applied Sciences Munich. Many other Bavarian universities are also involved.

The doctoral projects funded and supervised by the Joint Academic Partnership - Social Change must relate to the topic of social change.
Social change goes hand in hand with individual and societal challenges as regards the creation of social and societal coexistence, and has effects at micro-, meso- or macro-social level. Dissertation projects can therefore refer to the different levels and to interactions between the levels.

We are seeking dissertation projects on the following research perspectives:

  • real world effects, learning and educational processes, and co-designing practices and potentials for social change (e.g. biographical research, research on addressees or users)
  • participation in social change and addressing social challenges through professions (profession research, evaluation and intervention research)
  • addressing social challenges through social and educational organisations and networks (institutional, organisational and network research)

From a methodological perspective, projects that are historically, theoretically or empirically oriented are welcome. They can be either application-oriented or fundamental.

At the Joint Academic Partnership - Social Change, above-average graduates are given the opportunity to work on their doctorate as part of a structured programme. They are supervised in equal part by faculty from universities and from universities of applied sciences.

The work carried out at the Joint Academic Partnership is based on one common curriculum for all and then an individual plan that the doctoral student(s) develop with their supervisors – a qualification portfolio based on individual needs.

Workshops on theoretical and methodological topics that are relevant to research are offered at the Joint Academic Partnership regularly; conference costs, costs incurred in the course of research, e.g. for data collection, and book allowances are covered.

Point of contact at the Faculty of Social Sciences:

Prof. Simone Pfeffer


You can apply for admission to the Joint Academic Partnership during spring and autumn.
The Joint Academic Partnership offers appropriate workshops on preparing an application, e.g. for compiling a synopsis on the doctoral project, which are open to all interested parties.

Or you can contact the Coordinating Body:

Dr Marcel Scholz (née Hauer)
Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg
Chair of General Educational Theory
Markusplatz 3
96047 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951 863 1982
Fax: +49 951 863 1830 (Faculty office)
Email: sozialer-wandel.vkatbaywissPunktde
Office hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays (9.00 am to 5.00 pm) and Fridays (9.00 am to 1.00 pm)