Project Deliverables

Students of the "Master in International Marketing" identify clearly new, promising customer segments and customers. One major task was to segment the customers and to identify high-value business segments and customers.



Within several workshops a list of possible customer segments was developed, along four key segments:

  • Small retailers, one or few points-of-sale
  • Retail chains, shopping centres, airports, museums, etc.
  • Agencies offering events, sales promotion, PoS Design
  • Manufacturers that directly supply retailers (verticalized marketing)

A start workshop focused on idea generation and idea collection with an evaluation of the ideas delivered first results: three key segments of promising customer groups for further research:

  • Pharmaceutical and Health Care Companies that provide PoS support to retail chains, pharmacies, medical supply stores
  • Marketing initiatives driven by cities, regions or events, e.g. "Nürnberg leuchtet", "Hafenviertel Hamburg", "Weinstraße"
  • Agencies, especially marketing and advertising agencies that could be partners in providing point of sale material

Within the second part of the project, students carried out primary research. In this part of the project respondents were selected in each field (sampling), questionnaires designed. After the data collection period an analysis and overview of potential customers was given.


The last step of the project was an evaluation of the customers according to business development opportunities for Barthelmess. On the day of their final presentations delivered an overview of "potential high value customers" in the afore defined segments to Barthelmess. 

Profs. Dres. Blum and Bienert with the Barthelmess Group Management, Mr Bastert, Managers of Barthelmess (=Studentteam Mentors) and Students of the „Master in International Marketing“ programme

Market analysis and development for Barthelmess Group

The Barthelmess Group is European market leader for all-inclusive visual merchandising. The company supports their customers to make people believe in their brand and products, leading to significant increases in point of sale (PoS) frequency. A crucial corporate guideline of Barthelmess says:

"We achieve this by paying loving attention to every little detail - every single day".

Barthelmess works customer-specific, knows the sourcing markets inside-out, and is an expert at managing the visual merchandising supply chain from beginning to end. Its specialty is the perfect realization of complex point of sale design projects for our customers. For more information see